14,000 sq. ft. aeration job

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green Acres, Mar 18, 2001.

  1. Green Acres

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    The lawn is pretty flat but has a few trees in it and is around 14000 sq ft. I usually charge around $12 per 1,000 sq. ft. Do you think this is high or about right? Around here I think it ranges from $10-$14 per 1,000. I already bidded it at $12 per 1000 but thought I would see what everyone else thinks. Thanks
  2. John Deere

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    According to others on this site that is just right @ $12.00 per 1000. However, that figure comes to $168. If you could only see the blank stares I would get if I quoted someone $168 for a flat 14,000 sq. ft. lawn. If you can get $168 and they don't balk at your price then I think your doing great, but I can't get that here and I'm only one state away from you. I would be lucky if I got $112 which would be $8 per and I'm the highest in town.

    Example: Last year on at least 7 occasions I bid was outbid by the same person by at least 45-50 per bid. I know for a fact (because we now have the full contract) that I bid a K-Mart for $280 for an aeration and he bid $75.00. Try and compete against that! I have taken over 4 companies in 5 years and have all of there aerations + mine so I no doubt do a lot of it. We probably gross $15,000 in the spring and maybe half that in the fall. I know I'm the most expensive in town because I'm told and yelled at all the time about it, so I actually wish all the people in my town would actually check in to lawn site and see just how much they are working for free.

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  3. LScom Addict

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    $98.00 or $7.00/m square feet
  4. Garry

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    I charge $10 per Mft, If you have a problem with that Mr Smith, get someone else.
  5. leeslawncare

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    Ive been chargeing 26 per k an that includes seed an starter fert.how does that sound?
  6. KirbysLawn

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    Look at this from 2 different views:

    1) Homeowner drives to rental shop and pays $60 for rental, drives home, unloads, works his a$$ of in the lawn, reloads and drives back to the rental store, unloads and then drives back home & cleans up.

    2) Pays an additional $38 to you, sits on his butt while you work your butt off. If renting an aerator cost $60, he's paying you $38.00 to drive to his home, unload, aerate 14,000 sf, & reload. Heck for $38.00 I would not give a second thought.

    $12 per 1000 for me.
  7. NateinAtl

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    from Atlanta
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    Down here in Atlanta I would charge $100 for the aeration on that size lot. TruGreen would charge about $150. A lot of times the theory of the homeowner renting the machine for $60 doesn't hold true because many times neighbors go in together and rent a machine over the weekend. At least that is the case down here. Do you own an aerator or would you rent? If you own it, then you know that 14000 sq feet will take about an hour to do. Next you have to determine is if the job will give you the profit margin you want. No matter if it is the 100 bid or the $168 bid, it sure will be a better profit margin than if you were giving a mowing bid on 14000 sq ft. If you get the job, rember to save their information so that you can call them next spring
  8. 65hoss

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    Without seeing it myself, and there were not any difficult obsticles, I would probably be in the $150 range. Ask if any of the neighbors my be interested, you can give a little discount if you do more than 1.
  9. Strawbridge Lawn

    Strawbridge Lawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    I would charge $65-75, for it is approx one hours worth of work. IMO people are getting ripped off if they have to pay more than that for a flat labor job. My .02
  10. Scraper

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    Hey Gary...how is it a flat labor job? Even if you own the aerator, you still have to take into account operating costs...thank god you're not in my market area! But there are plenty of your type here already!

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