14 HP Kohler replacement; recoil to electric start

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Bob E, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Bob E

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    I have an old commercial walk behind mower (mid 1980's) I want to replace the Kohler CV14 (14 HP recoil start) with a new Kohler with elcetric start. The 14 HP is starting to have some problems and I'm getting lazy.

    I can seem to find the best deals on an 18 HP V-twin Kohler with electric start.

    Is the distance between the centerline of the shaft and the "back" of the engine (opposit the spark plug) the same on the single and twin cylinder Kohlers? My present 14HP rests nearly against the fuel tank 1/32" gap maybe. So this distance would be critical.

    I know I will need to add a battery tray and battery wiring with new starter switch. Is there anything I'm missing? There are no electric clutches nor lights on mower.

    Any ides on where/how to add the battery tray? Does anyone make a battery box for smaller batteries like the ones you use on boats?
  2. riches139

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    Wireing diagram from a mower with same engine for charging circut.

    Most auto parts sell battery trays of different sizes.
  3. Tharrell

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    I don't know about specific dimensions of your swap but, I put an electric start 12hp Briggs on this 32 Bob-Cat and I love it!

    various 004.jpg
  4. Bob E

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    How did you mount your battery?

    It looks like a very clean install.

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