14HP Kohler compression release problem....and other issues

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Bob E, Oct 1, 2004.

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    I have a 14 HP Kohler (CV14) that is 8-10 years old. The last few times I used it it appeared to be "missing" and then would die. When I looked at the fuel filter there was no gas in fuel filter. I checked the entire fuel line all the way back to tank - no obstructions- (there is no screen in the tank to clog). When I take the fuel line off at the carb and open the fuel shutoff gas flows fine. I can put the line back on carb and it would start and run (although it was still missing).

    After searching on here last night I decided to adjust the fuel adjustment needle on carb.

    However, when I went out to start the engine it was extremely hard to pull. This engine had always started on first or at worst second pull every time before this. In reading the manual the engine has AUTOMATIC COMPRESSION RELEASE" to aid in starting. This does not appear to be working since it is twice as hard to pull now as it ever has been.

    Is this something easy to fix? I'm pretty decent with my hands but never been inside an engine before.

    If it needs to be pronounced dead, any thoughts on a replacement engine?

    The mower was made somewhere around 1995, it is a Byers Gold (very very similar to Buntons of this time). It has 48" fixed deck and variable speed drive. The beginning of this year I gave it an overhaul with three new spindles, all new belts, new gearbox, new tires and all new wheel bearings.

    Another question is the 14 HP enough to run the 48" deck with double blades? I've never noticed it bogging down before this.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Well, I don't know what the answer is, but I don't think it shouldbe pronounced dead just yet. I 14 Kohler (1995 I think) probably similar to yours. About every 3 or 4 times I start it (also starts on the 1st pull) the compression release thing doesn't work and it will stop the rope. Kinda hurts too, jut have to be ready for it. I'll be interested to see how you resolve this.
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    Any one???
  4. allseasonturf

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    sounds like a combination of the carbs, needle sticking and or the valves lashing, Valve lash is where there is too much gap between valve stem and rocker causing hard starts,rough or intermittint speeds. Take a look at the attached photos and maybe check your valve clearances. :cool:

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    I just sold a toro 48" with a 15 hp kohler that had the ACR broken on it too. 10 yrs old and runs great but it is a beast to start. Luckily 1 pull does it so my neighbor bought it for his new 2 acre yard. I looked on the kohler web site in the exploded view of the engine but could not find a drawing or repair diagram.
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    Couldn't getter to load on the last one. :dizzy:

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