$15,000 to start.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Simplecut20, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Simplecut20

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    Hello all, I would like start by thanking all of the people who give advice. It’s a huge help.

    I plan on opening a lawn cutting business in spring of 2009. I have $15,000 and I am up in the air with weather or not I should spend $12,000 on a good truck, marketing, equipment and other quality stuff. Or spend as little money as possible for ok equipment and see if the business can self propel it’s self (No pun intended). Any ideas or tips would be welcomed. Thank you for reading my post.

    P.S. How hard is the the tax side of this business.
  2. BeautifulBlooms

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    My advice, finance as little as possible especially initially. Go out in the fall of 2008advertising for your services for next year. Go door to door and introduce yourself to people. It may take you longer but you are more likely to close the deals if you meet them in person. Then if you get some level of committment from people in the fall you can think about going out and buying the appropriate equipment. I only suggest you match all your properties so that you only need one main mower, and dont need specialty mowers. Get something that will fit through 3' gates if necessary, or avoid all gated properties and go for a big mower that will make you efficient. If you get any response in the fall then you can consider what equipment you might need. Get yourself a pickup, you may be able to finance that through a dealer pretty low %, which would be ok because its value will hold, wheras other equipment will not hold its value as well. Advertise heavily in the spring also, hitting the same neighborhoods over and over and over. They need to recognize your name in order to think about using your services, eand if you have already gone and met them in person you will be one step ahead of the competition. Keep your properties close at first meaning stay within a 10 mile radius if at all possible. This efficiency will also make you more profitable. I dont know how feasible it is to start a full time mowing company from scratch because that is not the main focus of our business (we added mowing after 2 years of landscape maint. and after 7 years of landscape design so we already had a large customer base). Any questions feel free to PM me. Best of luck
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    Wow, thanks for the great reply. I really appreciate the time you spent on it. I will definitly contact you if I have any more questions. Thank you very much.:usflag:
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    Start with used equipment and upgrade after your first year or two in business, that way you'll know whether you can afford to get new equipment ... in other words, established client base, steady income stream, etc. !!
  5. Simplecut20

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  6. Carolina Cuts

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    i have a bit of a problem.... most likely I'd fly out to Vegas, get an escort and let her drop $10 g's on Black... no Red... Black.... ya see? that's why I'd let her drop the cash.... and pray to the money God's.... Then I'd come home, wishin' and hoping I still had all that money to buy some equipment instead of blowing it all for the wrong reasons.

    So, if you wanna be smart.... yea, buy some handhelds new. Blower, trimmer, edger. Rakes, shovels, pitchforks, wheelbarrows...etc.... The mower, I'd most likely buy used... but in good shape of course. If you buy new, it'll cost ya big bucks... and just like cars, they depreciate BIGTIME soon as you take em' off the showroom floor. So yea, buy someone elses junk and learn the maintenance 'thing'.

    A new truck? Yikes, there goes all your dough.... you're on your own with this one. A used truck could either make ya or break ya.... depending on how much you wanna spend. BUT, before you doing anything.... get some customers.

    G'luck to ya and stay outta Vegas...
  7. jdogg399

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    i would get a nice used ztr and walk behind wait til winter or look for the deals buy handhelds new never liked buying them used you got a truck or need one its best to get good equipment so not always at the shop fixing
  8. capetan

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    2. put no money down and finance the truck ( assuming you have decent credit)
    3. OKAY, know you have 15,000 to spend on equipment
    4. buy a trailer
    5. get decent backpack blower
    6 good trimmer
    7. pole trimmer
    8. chainsaw
    9. hedge and bush trimmer
    10. a small 21" push mower
    11. maybe 36" or 48" walk behind
    12. something bigger if necessary
    you could drop over 10,000 on just the mower
    13. maybe a pole chainsaw trimmer
    14. manual labor tools
  9. P.Services

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    are you the one that called me awhile ago??
  10. packey

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    wow 15k to start lucky sucker. Hey you can find a decent truck that will haul your equipment I have seen some faily good older trucks for 3000-5000 buy you some good had tools and a compressor and learn how to use them so you are not hauling stuff to the shop. I would find good used mowing equipment start with what you know mowing and trimming. as you get better at what you do and increase customers look at building up what you offer and equipment list.

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