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    I deposited 15k in my checking account to invest in mowing equiptment. I have a nice F150 but that is all. I plan to mow with my son and solo when he is in school. How should I spend my money? I have been looking already and am partial to a hustler 24/60,but am not certain even of that. I ahve one $150.00 account per week. I plan to invest by August 13th. Is that too late in the season?
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    Too late? Not really. It's not like you're going to get a whole bunch of new mowing jobs in August and September, but you can prepare for fall cleanup. These cleanups can also lead to more work and regular maintenance, as well. 15k should give you a decent start as well. What's the Hustler you're looking at go for out the door? After a trailer, you will have a good start on some 2 stroke equipment. Get yourself a good wheeled edger (McClane is highly recommended value), a quality blower and trimmer, and perhaps a good hedgesaw.You will want to double the blower and trimmer as soon as possible. Get youself some decent insurance. It's cheap and well worth it.
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    Great advise ^^^^^^^^
    Follow it and you should be off to a great start next spring
  4. mak2

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    The Hustler is 7500 to 8k. I have a trailer picked out for about 1500. I plan to follow your advice. Thanks.
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    I'm sure you know this place MSI Trailers in Elkhart, IN http://www.msitrailers.com we buy all our trailers here and it's a great price when you pay cash.

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