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  1. Bob West,

    Why is the 15-3-7 product with 50% biosolids sold in a 40lb bag? If you are going to use a fertilizer containing an organic, why would you use mop?

    It would cost very little more to use sop, and PLEASE make the bag weigh 50lbs.

  2. Bob West LESCO

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    I checked w/ our fertilizer product manager, and here is what he told me:

    The lighter density of the biosolids increases the volume of the product - which precludes it being used in a standard sized 50 # bag.

    The guarantee on our biosolid raw material is 4-2-0; therefore, the formulation had to be fortified with a synthetic Potassium source to achieve the 7% needed.

    I hope this answers your question - please let me know if you need anything else,
  3. I understand it needs to be fortified, BUT why not with SOP?

    Other companies using a fortified biosolids fertilize are using a 50lb bag, in fact you can buy a straight bag of 100% biosolids in a 50lb/bag! (milorganite)

    So, I don't think you have adequately answered either of my questions!

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    i always wondered why the mop and not sop.
  5. lilmarvin4064

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    I agree. I don't mind so much about it being in a 40# bag, but use SOP! That may make it a 15-3-6, but that's fine by me. Also increase the amount of PPSCU in it to 50% instead of 30% (or so). The 30% limits its usage in my area to a fall fertilizer only. Make these changes and I guarantee you sell at least twice as much of it.
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    so how about it lesco? i would love to have this product with SOP. i use quite a bit of it, and was starting to look into other organic based products because of this.
  7. mrkosar

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    so....what about it? is this possible, can't we at least get an explanation please? thanks.
  8. Yes, SOP PLEASE, but don't reduce the k, in fact maybe raise it some...like 15-3 -9 to 12! Like 9 to 12% sop

    A reply would be nice!
  9. Norm Al

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    milorganite here sells in a 40lb bag!
  10. Can also purchase milorganite in a 50Lb bag, and in bulk containers of 2,000 lbs.

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