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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BRIAN GALLO, Apr 18, 2002.


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    Anybody know why it seems impossible to find a single wheel Velke with a 15" arm lately? My local dealers and some places I tried on the web all say they're on some sort of back-order status???? I'd like to get one asap. I currently have one back ordered at Landscaper supply, but they have no idea on a delivery date.
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    I bought the two whel velky for my exmark and the fools gave me the wrong arm, I needed a shorter one and everybody didn`t have one. I found a company called Medart and they sold it to me a lot cheaper than anybody else. Mabey yo have one by you..
  3. AK Lawn

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    still waiting for my single wheel it has been 11months
    AK Lawn

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    Give these guys a call. 1-877-626-5699. I ordered a 15inch Velke on Thurs (4/25) and received my Velke today (4/29) They specialize in hard to find stuff and actually had the velkes in stock. The price was right also. $259 taxes, shipping included. Hope this helps.

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    I didn`t catch the date that you posted this,but I hope this helps. wright manufacturing inc. 4600x Wedgewood Blvd. Frederick MD. 21703 www.wrightmfg.com [301] 330-0086 They make the velke brand, grass gobblers etc. I just purchased each of these items since the first of april, no problems whatsoever. good luck!

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