15' holly trim

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    I'd be close to what Knox gsl said. I'd use my standard & long reach hedge trimmer and some lopper work near the top. Working with my Stokes tri-pod ladder.
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    I'm at the same as the other guys. In and out in 30 minutes or less. A tripod ladder, pole pruner with my Kombi, a nice lopper, and a truck bed. :)
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    Sometimes it's better to pass the job to one of the guys who are better equipped/skilled for the job.

    I've actually picked up regular mowing and even other trimming work at later dates after explaining that a job may be a little beyond my scope, and that I'd rather pass on the job than not be able to do it as well as I would like, or at a fair price because I don't have the equipment to do the job as quickly as someone with more experience in that type of work.

    Clearly some people will never call again, but the ones with a good bullshit detector appreciate honesty, and will often give you a crack at other work as a result.
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    Sometime around late February - March would be the ideal time to tackle this for severe pruning. You might offer a trim and cleanup for now and then reduce it in height and width later. Knox hit the pricing just about right.

    If you do decide to tackle this project consider reducing the height first and then tapering the tree so that it looks appropriate. You needn't remove every shoot from the top but oftentimes the central leader will need to be cut with a chain saw, especially if it has been pruned prior.

    Inform the client they should expect to be surprised by the end result but that it will grow back out and look fine in a bit of time.
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    I would charge around $250 to $300. It might be a little easy for one of us to do it, but it would be a big job if the homeowner did it themselves. Plus you might have disposal cost and time need to dispose. Plus you will probably not be doing a few of the neighbors at the same time, so you will be spending more time traveling between this job & the next job.
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