15 HP Kawi

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by HB Lawn, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. HB Lawn

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    I am having a problem getting my mower started. Here is the problem.

    It is a pull start. I can't get it started with the pull start. But it will start when I remove the air cleaner and squirt some gas into the carb. Once started, I must run it for about 5 minutes in full speed and then lower the RPM's. It will then run forever. Once I shut it off and then try to pull start it, it won't start. Any idea's?
  2. Ridin' Around

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    when you have the filter off can you see the choke plate? is it closing all the way? The kawis are lean in their nature and you are essentially priming it and skipping the choking procedure. You may also have some blockage in the carb. It may need pulled and cleaned. Good luck.
  3. Phil G

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    I'm sure our friend here has it right. Check it's fully closing when cable is engaged. It might need a small adjustment. 1/8 of an inch can make a difference between full choke and partial choke
    Good luck Phil:)

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