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    I started my business right after High School. I was 19 years old and had no money and little knowledge of the industry. I borrowed 600.00 dollars to buy my first beat up truck and got the ugliest trailer on earth for free. The first year I picked up around 20 accounts. The next couple of years I steadily grew until I had about 100 accounts. After about 7 years as an owner operator I realized it was time to build a real business. I began reading business books, marketing books and got my Landscape and Irrigation License. I then starting with the many headaches of employees as my business quickly grew. My one truck became 4 trucks with all the equipment and trailers .....etc. The next year I added 3 more trucks, with all the equipment.....(lots of money :hammerhead:) I currently have 15 trucks and 32 employees. I really enjoy the business, and sales side of my work. I have not worked in the field now since 2003..... and I don't miss it at all.

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    Congrates on your success. Any tips or advice for some one around the age you started? (I'm 17 now.)
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    Yes! Set goals now.....! What things do you want from your business? Do you want to do the work yourself long term? Do you want to do Lawn Maintenance? Landscaping? Irrigation? Waterfeatures? The biggest thing I would have changed is not wasting my time for so long. I was making o.k. money those early years but was very unorganized. The moment I started setting goals and had direction the business was in hyper speed from that time on. So again.......... SET GOALS.... Set a date of completion of those goals....... then work hard to accomplish those goals. It will all fall into place from there. Even in this weird economy :)

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    I'm 16 now and I've been wondering if this buisness is right for me. I've been mowing lawns for 4 years (started an actual buisness this past year w/ 6 accounts.) Next year I will have 15-20 accounts (still in High School.) I'm smart and good with numbers, I love mowing and maintenance, and I would like to do roughly what you did if I was to go into this industry after High School. I'm wondering a few things: a) Is there good money in this industry (and if you wouldn't mind telling me about what you made this year in a pm, that would help me) and b) what kind of hours do you work now that you are out of the field.

    Thanks, James
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    Congratulations !!
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    I really don't feel comfortable talking about how much money we make. I can tell you this...... There is a lot of money to be made in this industry. In fact because I started my business at such a young age I was never taught how to handle large amounts of money. It took me some time to realize that I don't need to be the one managing my companies money. Once I got an accountant and turned that aspect of my business over to someone I can truly trust, things were great.
    I do need to say this to you as you contemplate your future. Don't really worry about how much money is in an industry (there is plenty to be made in each industry if you run your business properly). Choose something you love. I know that sounds like a cliche but it's so true.
    You asked me how much time I spend working. I am tempted to say zero, because I love my work so much. The truth is though I can truly pick my schedule. I have two kids and I can hang out with them whenever I want. On those days I just cant get out of bed..... I can sleep in (as long as I don't have an early appointment).
    I hope that helps as you look to the future. Keep up the good work........

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    Welcome to the site man. I look forward to talking with you as it sounds like you have a great deal of knowledge. It is always great talking to other people who also love what they do for a living.
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    I seems as you you've built a great organization. I like your comments to the young kids on the site. There's plenty of them here and many are really talented and full of ambition. They need to have people like you they can trust for valuable input and motivation.

    Well done and welcome to the site.


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