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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Gnyus, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Gnyus

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    I'm planning to get another truck in next weeks. Currently I have a Mazda B3000 hauling my lawn trailer (2X21+1wb+clippings) and does just fine.

    Last year I started doing lawn renovation and sod installation. I plan hauling a 10X5 tandem dump trailer with brakes on at least 3000 miles this summer. I also want to haul rented equipment such as motorized 1 yd barrow and sub compact tractor with the new truck. The truck whill not see highway speeds while towing heavy load.

    Here's my dilema, the 1500hd is considerably cheaper and is much easy on gaz when pulling light loads then a 2500hd 6.0.

    The pay load for the 1500hd is 3073 lbs while the 2500hd is rated at 3622 lbs (crew cab). The towing cap is 10200 lbs for the 1500hd and 12000 lbs for the 2500hd.

    I am planning of keeping this truck for at least 3 seasons ( 20k - 30k miles). I would like to know which one will be the cheaper in maintenance.

    Also I see a lot of people with 2500hd but barely no 1500hd, is there a reason?

  2. TLS

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    I don't think they make them any more....do they?

    The 2500HD has a beefier frame.
  3. LB1234

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    You should be able to answer your own question...

    If you know what each can tow and know what you will be towing...then doesn't that answer your question?

    The problem is not so much the what I can tow...but rather what I can stop.
  4. TLS

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    I believe brakes are the same between the two also.
  5. Scag48

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    I wouldn't get anything less than a 2500HD for towing. I think the rated towing capacity for most 1/2 ton trucks is only around 6-7K pounds. The dump trailer will weigh at least 3K and you'd only get 3-4K of payload. That sounds good, but that truck will never be able to stop that trailer. I have a 2500 and with 10K behind me it's pretty stable but I prefer a big Ford any day.
  6. hosejockey2002

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    The 1500HD is not really a half ton. It's 8600 GVWR, (similar to many 3/4 tons) with 8-lug wheels and the same drivetrain as the 6.0 powered 2500HD. It also has the same GCWR as the 6.0 powered 2500HD (16,000 lbs.). So for towing you probably won't see much difference between the two. The 2500HD has a slightly higher GVWR so you have more payload. If you go with the 8.1 or Duramax powered 2500HD you get a much higher tow rating as well as a larger rear axle.
  7. rodneyskip

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    The 1500 will probably be easier to sell when you need to. Especially if you are not putting that many miles on it.
  8. TLS

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    Sure you don't mean the opposite?

    If that wasn't a typo, care to explain why?
  9. ksss

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    The 1500HD is certainly no half ton. The main difference between the two when new is really the gear ratio and engine availablity. The 2500HD is more set up for towing with the 6.0 as the base engine and more limited axle rating it would probably be more at home with a heavier payload. The 1500HD is no light weight if properly equipped. My suggestion would be if your running close to max. GVW I would go with the 2500 if you not pulling that heavy the 1500 would be plenty of truck and give a better ride.
  10. toddnks

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    They are not the same.

    The 1500hd has a CGVWR of 14-16K depending or the rear end, while the 2500hd has a CGVWR of 20K. That is 4K more towing ability.

    That is comparing the 6000V8, since the 5.3 doesnt come in the 2500.

    The 1500HD is crew cab while the 2500HD is extended cab only.

    Chevrolet has also inflated these numbers on the 1500HD since it came out, because at that time it was rated at 8700.

    Also to compare, I drive a F350 CC SRW PSD, which has 4 wheel disk while the chevrolet 2500 has rear drums, I didn't check the 1500, but think it has 4 wheel disks.

    The Chevrolets do not get into real towing capacity until you hit the durmax and the 8100v8. The same can be said for ford with the v10 and the psd.

    Unless you upsize your trailer, the 1500 will do good for a long time. The 2500 should sell for more money if it is not totally ragged out.

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