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What should be the correct price for mowing 156000 ft2 of lawn? Flat open mowing with minimal weedeating & No edging. The property will be sprayed and is level. Thanks!


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I used to mow 5 acres that was flat with about 50 trees. It would take me about 2.5 hours and I charged $125.00.

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
Wow, I thought you meant 156,750,000 sq ft of mowing.

In my area it would run around $150 to $200.


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Three and a half acres if I calculate that correctly. I'm with Richard. Probably in the $150 - 200 range myself, depending upon the amount of trimming/weedeating. If it was mow - only and not overgrown, I'd probably shoot for $150. BTW, I would be using a 60" ZTR.


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3 1/2 acres huh - I bid about 3 accounts this year with 3 to 4 acres at $15 per acre plus $20 unload fee ($15 for every acre or part of acre - ie 3.5 acres is $15x4 = $60) -

I use the above formula up to 6-8 acres, and after that there is no unload fee.

So far out of 16 bids on commercial jobs from 1.5 acres to 22 acres I have landed 2 - count them TWO

One is the 1.5 ($15 x2 = 30 + $20 unload = $50)
#two is 17 acres at $249, and was informed I barely won.
The good new is that the 17 acres is wide open, no trees, no trimming, just mow - (2.5 hrs is my estimate in time - me-myself-and I) which will gross me about $100 per hr. one machine.

Cut 2 Please

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Montgomery, Al
The only thing I can figure is he must have a Flex-Deck on a 72" deck.


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Spokane, WA

$1 per k + a $20 stop fee.

$1 x 156.000 + $20 stop fee = $179.00.

To bag it = $2 per k + $20 stop fee.

$ per k should go up with the level of difficulty.

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