16 HP B&S Twin II

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by BGK, Aug 30, 2004.

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    Recently my engine started acting up. It will start cold and run normally for maybe 10 seconds and then die. If I give it enough throttle, it will run, but the rpms cycle up and down. It seems as if the bowl is running dry, then partially filling continually cycling between dry and partially filled. I don't know if this the case, it just seems that way. I have recently replaced the ignition coil and plugs. It has a new fuel filter. I took carb apart and found a little trash. I cleaned it up very well with carb cleaner and blew out all the passages. No help. I haven't put a kit in the carb yet.

    Any ideas?
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    Is the float sticking? Even if you were to shut off the gas the bowl would have enough gas in it to run a lot longer than 10 seconds. I would have to say there is still some trash in that carb somewhere. By the way is the flow arrow(if it has one) on the fuel filter poniting the right way. Some filters do not work well when put in backwards. I would take it back apart and clean it again.

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