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16 hp kohler command on an older giant vac


LawnSite Senior Member
carmel, ny
There is a guy selling one that is on a leaf loader. Was this a good motor? About how old is this unit. The motor is white, everything else is red. 16 hp Kohler command


LawnSite Silver Member
its probably not the 'c' series but pos 't' series. c is newer and i think starts at 18hp. that 16 is probably ohc with timing belt and no power.


LawnSite Silver Member
no power compared to the ch18 which is my favorite. most of the th16/tv16(h=horizontal and v= vertical shaft) ive heard about or have are lucky to see 1000 hrs. also if the timing belt breaks, the engine can get screwed up. not too hard to time, though. just read directions closely if you replace belt. look at model# on engine sticker for exact model. might be different than one im thinking of. command series is real easy to rebuild. usually $125 in parts. last 16 i rebuilt took more time and cost a bit more, but still under $200. also the heads do not come off on the th16! pistons come out of the bottom instead of top and makes rebuilding harder. if engine is on something that is going to be used occasionally, then probably wont have too many problems. if on a mower, then not recommended. also you can pretty easily upgrade to a command engine like the ch/cv 18, 20, 22 fairly easy. the bolt patern is different, but not too hard to drill 4 holes. throtle and choke cable you'll have to replace, but rest is usually the same. just have to get right spec # to match the rest of your setup. back to no power... i got a single cylinder kaw. 13 that is about the same as th16.

any other ?s... feel free to pm me.

AL Inc

LawnSite Bronze Member
Long Island, NY
I've only owned one Kohler, and it is a 20 hp on a tow behind Giant Vac loader. Motor has been very reliable (I've had it since fall '99). No complaints here. I beleive you can tell the build date of the Giant Vacs with the first two digits of the serial # (95=1995). I could be wrong but I remember someone telling me that.


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Plymouth, WI
First off, the OHC Kohlers are non-interference.

As for your favorite engine being the 18 HP, is that a single or a twin?

If it's a twin, it's more expensive to build the 18hp than the 20hp Command twin. Let's see if you can figure out that riddle.