16" trailer Intimidation

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by turfman33, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. Rich's Lawn Care

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    Hey Switchless, what brand is that trailer? i love the side door
  2. Doc Pete

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    Try this,

    They're real nice guy's and will built the trailer any way you like. The side door is great for loading and unloading two machines at a time
  3. LawnJoe

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    Hey Switchless , thanks for the link. That's a really nice trailer.
  4. Doc Pete

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    Thanks Joe,
    For solo guy like me, it's perfect. Fast loading and unloading, Everything is where I need it. It's carries my 3 mowers, two 48's, one 54 with velky attached and "down" (said that);), trim mower, push style 14 horse leaf blower, and all the little goodies. Gas is on the front, which I like for easy filling. My fall cleanup "rider" bagger also fits from the side, in place of the other 48.
  5. turfman33

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    Yep, didn't realizer I put 16" instead of 16'. But I do have G.I. Joe using the 16".....haha


    Guys, Thanks for the comments. I feel a little more confident now. I will be going down the trailer place today to sort things out. Still a little intimidated but this site sure does build your confidence in area's that need boosting.

    Thanks again guys.

  6. Doogiegh

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    Well, go over your list of properties. Are many on cul-de-sacs? If so, either use a different trailer to do them with if it's that tight or at the end of the year, drop them for non-cul-de-sac accounts...

    Watch when you turn real tight the SWING of the rear end of the trailer. You can think that you're clear of something, but the rear of the trailer swings around and can take things out..

    Little things.. like telephone poles, street-side mailboxes, fire hydrants, etc.. And if backing up into driveways, watch for house light posts that people put on the front yard.. You can back right into them and knock them over without even knowing it from inside the truck.

  7. Gravel Rat

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    Get yourself a truck with a long enough flatdeck with a beaver tail and forget about a trailer :D

    In my area you can't get a trailer up or down the driveways here the Lawn and Garden guys around here carry everything in their P/U trucks. There is a guy from the next comunity cutting my neighbours grass he has a trailer he has to back down the driveway everytime. His trailer is only a single axle maybe 14' at the most the front wheels of the P/U truck usually side all the way down to the bottom of the driveway which is 200' or so feet long.

    The one Gardening contractor I work with he has a F-150 with a camper style canopy its tall enough you can stand up right and he carries all his stuff in that.

    I don't know how you guys can make any money cutting grass around here its a starvation business the local residents don't want to pay anymore than 10-15 bucks per hour. I tried it and forget it you burn up more equipment than money you make and nobody is ever happy.

    The Garden Contractor I work with he doesn't even want to cut lawns unless he has to he would rather do landscape design and general gardening jobs. He has 1 guy that works with him full time and he's busy doing gardens etc he is worth hiring I give his name to people that need landscape work done.
  8. wriken

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    I've been thinking about one of those Mitsubishi's w/landscapers beds on. Any thought's on them
  9. BSDeality

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    GravelRat, each area has its own market value. around here guys get anywhere from $30-90/hr doing lawns in the high end markets. smaller 1/4-1/3 accounts are still done for $30 just for a minimum drop-the-gate charge. in and out in 15 minutes.
  10. Green in Idaho

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    In addition to considering the maneuverability of a 16' er consider the real necessity.

    Is it just because you want ALL your equipment onboard? In most cases small operators, solo and two-mans only use the main equipment during a regular day.

    Instead of packing the kitchen sinks along, consider the day's work schedule and take what you NEED and the support items (tools, spare parts, etc).

    For example if there is only one person, why have two good blowers? One works. And if it's good, it will work 99% of the time. When it doesn't work the tools and the knowledge gets it going again. In extreme cases, you might have to haul back to the shop for the spare. THAT shouldn't happen. But if your luck sucks, it is only a couple times. So the one time it happens, yes it costs you money and time, but then so does buying a 16fter instead of the 10 or 12.

    For solo or two-man crews I would rec. the shortest one with dual axles. The right size trailer for the right tools. One production mower, one trim mower and power tools fit well in less than 16. An enclosed also gives additional allowance since you CAN have a racks inside and even on the roof for infrequent uses/needs. So a 12 enclosed has MUCH more capacity than a 12 open trailer.

    IF you are hitting large properties with a crew of 4+ with full-service, then the 16, 20, 22 or whatever is necessary comes into play.

    Hauling everything when you KNOW you will not need it wastes space, reduces efficiency, more weight= more fuel, increases chances of loss/damage, and is A PITA.

    And in the case of equipment overload, (2 riding mowers for only a solo operator) and loading them both,,,, well,,, what's the limit?

    Right size also looks better.

    Do you want the neighbors feeling like you are attacking the neighborhood? "Wholy crat honey, the SWAT team is coming in to mow next door with a semi-truck!" Or when they want to park somewhere, like where your 50 ft is occupying.

    Imagine your neigbhor having a maid service once a week and the maid service arrives in a huge-as 30' RV... taking up half the block to park. EVERY WEEK!

    On the other hand IF your trailer is also your ONLY storage facility you are kinda stuck. Maybe consider buying a semi-truck. Kenworth maybe. Then you can convert the front half of the trailer into a dormitory. Sleep in the local truck stop, mow every daylight hour to pay for it and 5 big mowers, and you're set! :D

    Look at the extremes ends of the spectrum. Why not go longer? Why not short? Where is the happy medium?

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