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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by contra, Jul 20, 2001.

  1. contra

    contra LawnSite Member
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    ive had a lawn business in my neighborhood for 4 years now and ive earned some decent money. when i get my drivers lisence i was hoping to take my business to the next level. I already have a weedwhacker and a leaf blower but i need to buy a 40+ inch lawnmower. I dont have a big budget so i was looking to get one used. What brand should i get? How much should I pay?

  2. Brieldo

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    Hey man, congrats on being a young guy in the business. I'm only a year older than you but have been mowing for close to 10 years. It's funny how kids our age find a way to make money on the stuff that grows no matter what...Anyway, if you're looking at a mower that is 40 inches+, are you interested in a walkbehind or a ride on machine. IF you're doing just small residential stuff, a walkbehind is probably the answer, but if you're doing larger lawns, then you might look into a ride on machine that has a higher ground speed, more power, etc, etc. Give us an idea of what you're mowing and then you'll find tons more replys!=) Good luck!

  3. Brieldo

    Brieldo LawnSite Member
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    Also, keep in mind that you'll have to have a trailer to put this stuff on and a truck to pull it=)
  4. contra

    contra LawnSite Member
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    the jobs take like an hour and 10 minutes to mow with a 21 inch mower so i probably dont need a big riding one. I'm planning on gettting a truck and trailer too. I need to know what knd of walk behind mower to get. I heard lesco's are good what kind do any of you recommend?
  5. Eric ELM

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    An hour lawn with a 21" will take about 8 minutes with a 60" ZTR. I would think a 48" w/b would probably mow it in 20 minutes at the most. You can see the bigger the mower, the more you can make per hour. :)

    Go to all your local dealers and see what they have for used mowers. Also call all the big lawn companies in your area and see it they have any they want to sell that are in decent shape. Just don't get a home owner type and try to use it for commercial work, since it will not hold up nearly as good.
  6. Dochere

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    First off anything larger than your 21" is going to increase your completion speed and efficiency. Your are going to want to buy a gear/belt drive, as a hydro - even used - will be very expensive. You should be able to find a ransomes, bobcat, scag, or snapper with good hours on it for $1400 -$1600 both of which are decent mowers. I would also look into buntons. Stay in the $1400-$2000 range. Unless you know allot about commercial mowers, buy something / brand, that can be service by a local shop. Also check Ebay as they have commercial walk behinds on there from time to time. Don't OD on the first large mower you buy as it will pay for itself very quickly and soon you will be able to afford a new mower. Good Luck!
  7. clhartma

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    Im sixteen too and have a growing lawn business. About what brand to buy i would definatly look at exmark they seem to be the best. I recently bought a new 36" metro with a mulch kit for $2300 out the door. Scag are also good machine but in my experince dont give quite as good a cut as the exmark do. But one thing to remember is that a quality truck an trailer will run about 5 times what the lawn mower will. Good luck
  8. awm

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    just think a ztr would up your production enough to put you
    thru college if you have that kinda focus. im talking live at home and go to college.just a thought. your legs are young.
  9. danlawnser

    danlawnser LawnSite Senior Member
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    I am a year younger than you. I have a great dane scamper 48 inch cut and I like the mower a lot. I was using a Sabre by John Deere with a 38 inch cut tractor and that machine mowed good. I had it for a couple of years. The Sabre is only about $1500 with hydo and a 38 inch cut. I had to replace the Sabre with a lt 155 jd I because wore it out.
    I would highly consider a John Deere Sabre. I mowed about 6 yards a week with it and I had a couple minor problems with it but nothing much. When I bought the walkbehind I doubled my business and I cannot even drive yet. I personally would rahter have a 38 than a 42. Not much of a difference in cut. good luck on chosing a mower.
  10. toroboy

    toroboy LawnSite Member
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    Im 15 years olda nd my friend has a 36" exmarkmetro mower i have triyed it out it works great and it cuts really well too!! he is currenty cutting 14 lawns ( they r all residential) . i suggest u get a 36' if u have small lawns or if they have gates but if they dont i think u shoudl go with a 48" . I HOPE THIS HELPS!!!! :cool: O and im planning on gettting an exmarkmetro 36" soon

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