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1600 for new mower


LawnSite Senior Member
nw. ct.
are you looking for a home owner model ??? because 1600 will only buy you the mower deck!!!!!!!!!!!


LawnSite Silver Member
northwest ohio
that will get you a USED walkbehind.... if you are thinking of a zero turn, commercial models can vbary 5000 to 12000..... dont wast your money on a homeowners lawn tracktor

actually that wont even buy a homeowners z....


LawnSite Senior Member
You will not get a good rider for that. But can pick up a good used walkbehind or a Quick36 walk behind new.


LawnSite Member
like the others said a used 32-36 inch walkbehind would be a good choice. If you have gated properties these sizes should be fine to fit through.

Trinity Lawn Care LLC

LawnSite Senior Member
Yeah, I totally agree a good 36 is worth its weight in gold. A good wb imo is a hands down better choice than a non commercial rider. A zero turn you are not gonna get for that price. In addition, you wouldn't want to spend the coin on one unless you have enough biz to support it. You can do a lot of work in a day with a wb.