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    Back to leaf pricing. As I posted the other day I asked if I charged $50/hr. if that was reasonable. It took me 6.5 hrs. to clean up a yard =$325 ( 1/2 acre but w/ a ton of leaves in the back, tarp & drag.) I was talking w/ someone who said they were quoted $125/hr w/ 3 workers. He also said the going rate was $150/hr but he only charges the 125. This person also said that he found out that his next door neighbor was quoted and paid $125 for the whole job. We are talking about 1.5 acres w/ a lot of leaves. What gives? Kind of goes against what we talk about here.
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    you have to bid a job as if you had all the professional equipment to get it done, weither you do or not...

    you used a rake and a tarp and it took forever.... did they use walkbehind blowers, z with bagger, leaf vacume....with truck, and so it in one third of the time....see what i mean...
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    Everyone is going to be a little different in price ,you need to know what you need to make per hour or what you will be happy with:) per hour for your services. Factor in your time to get to the job,your cost in fuel and how about dumping fee's. The guy who's charging 125 for 1.5 acres of leaves will learn the hard way...that would be to low for me, but he might be happy with that:confused:
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    I understand your point, what I don't understand is the descrepency. Unless you have 10 workers and do it in 10 minutes, where's the profit? The LCO that charged the $125 for the whole job is not solo, he has some nice equipment and what seems to be a 3 man crew.
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    I feel comfortable w/ what I charged but if people get wind of what he charges I'll be out of work. I don't know what type of work he does but sometimes peoplejsut look at the cost.

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    80-90% of the people will look at the price--and will hire the guy that eats grilled cheese every night. That is not your work and those are not your customers. Sell your benefits, your top quality service, your knowledge and expertise, never sell price. You can eat meat!!
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    The guy that had a 3 man crew and charged 125 may have took one hour to complete the job. That is approx. $42 per man hour.
    Also, there is no way you can charge $50 an hour, and walk in with a rake and a tarp. It just isn't happening. $50 an hour and $75 an hour rates apply to the use of power equipment.....power equipment that efficient in getting the job done.
    Also, don't let other peoples' prices fool you. Some may come in cheap and make money at it, and many of times, some come in cheap - and don't make a dime.

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