17 and 19 HP Kawasaki; both 585 cc; what's the difference?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by olde_blue, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. olde_blue

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    I was wondering if anyone knew which parts were different between the Kawasaki FH541V (17 HP) and FH580V (19 HP) engines? They have the same displacement, 585 cc, and the 17 HP engine develops 99% of the peak torque developed by the 19 HP engine (36.2 vs. 36.6 ft-lbs). I compared the replacement parts list on Kawasaki's website for each engine, and the lists are identical for the same spec numbers.

    If anyone has experience in the field with both engines (or the other engines which share displacements, the the 675 cc 21 and 23 HP; peak torque of the 21 is 96.5% of the 23), is there a notable preformance difference? Or is the extra price for the higher horsepower engines a waste of money?
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    The difference in power comes from larger free flowing air breather and larger carb and different exhaust. Just like a car or truck, if you put dual exhaust on a single exhaust engine the hp will increase. Put a different intake and carb on and it will increase even more, different free flowing air cleaner and you will get a little bit more. All engines small or big work the same way.
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    I think kohler has done this some i have a 23hp comand and it is the same as the 25hp and i think maybe even the 27 also walker just changed on their mb units from an 18hp to 20 hp and it appears to me that in all aspects appears to be the same engine

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    Carburetion is the difference. More fuel and air = more power.
    Several engine manufacturers operate this way. It allows them to have 3 or 4 engines available, all using the same basic parts.. block, pistons, heads, etc. It allows for several options for the end user and keeps costs down.
  5. TLS

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    There is a 50cc difference between the 23hp Kohler and the 25, 27, and 26 & 28EFI's.

    674 vs 725

    The 30hp Kohler is 747cc's
  6. Happy Frog

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    I think this question was answered before and the only difference was in the carburetor if I recall.
    When your carb goes bad, just replace it with the 19 or 21 HP carb and enjoy the extra power and gas burn... :laugh:
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    The primary difference is the carburetor, and camshaft.

    The part numbers for the cylinder heads and block itself are EXACTLY THE SAME. So is the intake, and ignition system.

    Not much different then taking a small block ford or cheby, swapping the cam and putting a bigger cfm carb on it.

    More airflow, more power.

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