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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Bruce, Sep 12, 2002.

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    I have a 52'' W/B with a 17 Hp Kaw 300 hours on it. I had it in the shop because of it running poorly. The engine cuts in and out.The dealer went through it new plugs,fuel filter,air filter clean carbs.Worked good for a couple days then went right back to running bad again. Took it back to him this time he replaced both coils and checked all safty switches.work good for a couple of days then right back to bad. Now iam taking it back again for the same reason. It seems to get worst as it runs longer.Early mornings it runs fine. when the temp rises in the middle of the day it really starts running bad.any suggestions.Thanks Bruce
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    Just a stab in the dark.....Gas tank cap vent?
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    A couple of things jump out at me right away. First, is your dealer talking with Kawasaki? If your not sure e-mail me at terry.eckert@exmark.com, let me know who your dealer is and I'll make sure that Kaw is involved.

    Second, if the machine is acting up when it goes in and is working fine after it leaves you probably need to find out what common item they worked on each time it was in the shop. It's possible that there may have been more than one problem but it's also possible that there isn't and they've already done all the legwork to diagnose what is causing your problem.

    We have been hearing of a couple of different things lately. The first one is dirt either through the fuel or the air is getting into the carb and causing some very erratic behaviors from these engines. Second is water. We've been getting more reports of water in fuel lately as well.



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