17 hp kawasaki misfiring

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by russ and sons, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. russ and sons

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    i have a 17 hp kawasaki on my toro 52 walkbehind. it is at about 950 hours. it is running roughand misfiring thru exhaust sometimes . i have replaced the plugs, both coils , fuel filter air filter . any other ideas? could it be the igniter ?


  2. Restrorob

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    You can start with checking the valve adjustment;

  3. russ and sons

    russ and sons LawnSite Member
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    i will try that tomorrow and see what i come up with,


  4. russ and sons

    russ and sons LawnSite Member
    Messages: 151

    cleaned out carb tonight, didn't seem to make much difference. next it's the valves,

  5. sw45

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    old thread, but did the valve adjustment work? Having problems with my Husqvarna 48" with 18hp kawasaki.

    Yesterday it ran perfect mowing 2 yards. Today it did fine on one yard then I got to another and was stung by a wasp in the middle of mowing. I stopped and jumped off the mower and it shut off of course. After that it has ran weird. Its hard to throttle up and once its up, when I engage the blades they nearly kill it and sounds like its firing on 1 cylinder. Seems that if I let the mower sit for an hour or so then start it, itll run good for about 10 seconds. Put new NGK plugs in today and had some improvement but still bogs when mowing, engaging the pto, or accelerating hard. When it bogs, it sounds like its firing on 1 cylinder. Also took the carb off today and cleaned it out.

    New NGK plugs
    New fuel filter
    Clean air filter
    Fresh fuel
    Battery is old but holds a charge good
    New starter solenoid
    All grounds are good
    According to a spark plug chart, the old ones were good and the engine had good running conditions

    384 hours
  6. Ruben Rocha

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    Adjusting the valves to me is a required thing anymore.
    sometimes I get away with 600 hours sometimes 400 hours.
    Probably depends on how close I adjusted the valves the last time.
    Although it is not a difficult adjustment it can get very tedious depending on the orientation of the motor as to where the valve covers are.
    But if regular pm does not correct the engine from running correctly usually a valve adjustment will.
    Besides on a Kawasaki it is recommended at about 300 hours.
    They also recommend de-carbon the heads but I never had to do that.

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