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    So I'm in the middle on this one, I'm bidding on a subdivision entrance way and a couple open spaces. I know my hourly rate and what I want to make. The ? is the subdivision wants a every 2 week cut, Which I think is stretching it. I cut another yard down the road every 10 days so the subdivision would be out of the way, cents it is on another schedule. Cut it every 10 days for less an hr. or more every 14??
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    Do they tell the painter what kind of paint to use? Do they tell the electrician how to hook up the wires? You are the professional. Guide them to what is best for the lawn. If they want to hire a "no brain" that just does what they are told, they need an employee, not a professional LCO. PR
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    I no longer take two week cuts. It does a number of things mainy messes up the schedule. Some people do it but I just can't see how. I ALWAYS ran into problems cutting every other week. What happens when it rains for 2-3 straight then your almost going on to 3 weeks without a cut...not the mowers work a lot harder, decks need to be cleaned immediately, place looks awful unless you spend added time and $...out of your pocket...to make it look presentable.

    IMHO, people who want the every two weeks deal are price shoppers...which as a business we fortuneately no longer accept (or they basically don't accept us). We just flat out refuse to do it and list our reasons why. Why try and explain why that is not healthy for turf and you are really causing more damage than good...both to our equipment and their turf.

    If you were to do it I would at LEAST charge double...just for the inconcenience it will cause you. Others will disagree but it just ain't for us.
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    Here's your answer right here! Make sure they are aware of the problems THEY face with what happens when rain causes a delay in their already long time between mows. Let them know your price is for weekly (or 10 day) service. You do not do two week deals for the reasons listed above.

    If you do accept it ... be aware that you may very well face some of the dilemmas listed above.
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    Sure, I will do it every 2 weeks:

    Normal once a week cost = $$

    Every two week cut-- 2.5 x normal $$

    1/ every 2 weeks is harder on the machine
    2/ every two weeks ruins my schedule with others because its a longer cut time
    3/ when it rains, the schedule is really screwed up and I have to clean the deck twice as much
    4/ when I ruin your yard because I cut at the wrong grass height, its extra dollars for me to stand there and listen to you complain that my work is no good.
    5/my banking is setup on a certain level of monthly income---- your every 2 week cut makes my deposits uneven----how would you like it if where you worked, they asked you to only work every other Wednesday for the same money??
    6/ Theres also a gas surcharge as it takes more gas to load a mower trying to cut 2 ft high grass.....thats another $5 /cut.

    That should do it! :walking:
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    So, we have a subdivision full of people (who mow their lawn once a week, by the way), that drive by this entrance atleast twice a day....all the while saying that darn lawn service lets the grass get too high, it never looks good when it IS cut, because healthwise, too much is taken off it every cut - therefore, it is never its greenest and always looks stressed, and YOU will always wonder why none of the people in this subdivision want YOUR services. If they don't want to do it right,...I wouldn't do it at all. There is more work to fill the slot right down the street.
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    Bid it for every 10 days and link it up with your customer. Tell them that is the best you can do and thank them for letting you bid the job. If you get it then great, If you dont then who cares. There are better accounts out there that will be more loyal to you if you do a goo job.
    Places like this usually dont have a proper fert schedule either. So in the middle of the summer your not going to be cutting much. Bid it with a spring cutting time and see if they bits
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    Thanks guys!
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    Good Luck:)

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