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17hp Exmark Question


LawnSite Member
altoona Pa
hi all,

I have a 2003 48 inch Exmark turf tracer walkbehind that i plan on getting serviced for the spring and summer months.

Last fall Before i put it away i had an issue with it...

Sometimes it would just shut off middle of a mow job ( Full of gas as well,)
Im not sure it would have ben the angle i was mowing at or what.

Also i noticed the idle isnt smooth it kinda cuts in and out, but once the blade is engaged its fine

I think it may be a fuel filter problem or pump.

Its a 17hp Kawasaki

I will be taking it to get looked over but im just hoping for no major repairs internally?

Tell me what you think


LawnSite Member
altoona Pa
what can cause an engine skip?
I noticed a slight skip listening to the exhaust, at very low idle

could it be coils?