17hp Kohler Durability Question How many hours?

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How many Hours on your Kohler 17 without Repair?

  1. 50 hours

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  2. 150 hours

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  3. 300 hours

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  4. 400 hours +

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    MTFORK LawnSite Member
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    Got my Fast Track 42" with 17 Hp Kohler back last fall when $$$'s were Killer. Just using it here at my resort I put 20Hr on it before X-mas just Mulching leaves...Now April 1 and I've started mowing I have nearly 30 hr's on it. I changed Oil at the 5hr mark and started using Amsoil with Kohler filter.

    My question is (With proper Maintenance & No abuse) how many hours can I expect this machine to give me before It starts showing signs of 'wearing out'?
  2. mowerconsultant

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    It depends on the use of the mower and the conditions it is put through.
    The 17 Kohler is not a commercial engine.
    You say your mowing your resort?
    Regardless, if you take care of it(sure sounds like you are) you should get a nice life out of it.


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