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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by alternative, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. alternative

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    Yesterday we started to lay our 1700 sf of pavers for our biggest patio job ever! Went well - layed about 1000sf with 2 men. Only problem is the bond lines half way through were starting to sway.... SO we tried prying over (persuading a bit) but were still stagering along the joints where it was noticable to my eyes. Just wondering what you think, Was I there too long staring at it..or being too critical, OR is it bad, and will it be noticable to the avg. eye.?

    This project when completed will have engraved pavers installed throuhout randomly..so that may help distract the eye? And there will be an overlay pattern/design installed right in the center next week.
    I personally hate to see wavy bond lines, and it bugs me, so I am sure we will be doing a boatload of adjusting until they are perfect!:laugh:
  2. YardPro

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    run string lines to work from. use them to get it straight..
    also the probst paver adjuster is an awesome tool.

    run a string line now along the bond line and use it as a guide to adjust to.
  3. alternative

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    Thanks, thats what we did. But still a bit out of wack, its hard to move a 30x20 ft area to align joints.:dizzy:
  4. DVS Hardscaper

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    gotta slow down.

    You MUST frequently stop and look at the straightness of your joints as you work.

    otherwise, a quality conscienous contractor will have to take up pall the pavers and start again.

    We have done some large jobs. I strive for quality and perfection.

    Quality TAKES TIME.

    Therefore, I budget for 3 people to lay 600 SF per day. If they do more - thats even better. But Their joints BETTER BE STRAIGHT. Or else they're going to be taking up all the pavers and starting over. I know many will laugh at "only 600 SF". But I know our 600 SF is damn near perfect :cool2:
  5. YardPro

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    buy the paver adjuster. start on one side and move the outer few to make room for the next few to move.

    the paver adjuster will move 10- 20 sqft at a time.
  6. YardPro

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    that 600 sqft is not low... if it's right and requires no further adjustements.

    you can spend the time up front on on the end, either way you need spend the time.

    hopefully you have not cut them in yet.. then it can be a pain to adjust.
  7. mbella

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    That's a lot of pavers for two guys in one day.

    How can we determine if you were being too critical without looking at pics? Post em if you got em.
  8. alternative

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    Thats what I thought, maybe we were being too critical - looking at them for 10 hrs straight. They could be fine to the normal eye. I will get some pics when we get back to finish the job (as soon as the rain stops) :cry:

    Have not cut in any yet. And it was myself laying and 2 men laboring brick'
    I havent been this sore in a couple years. The only reason we were going so fast and getting so much footage down is because of our weather pattern lately.. not many good days left. And the customer has a deadline for us to finish the job.
  9. alternative

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    NOW Ive got bigger problems, we just got dumped on with about 2" of rain. and I had the area not paved yet covered with 6mil visqueen, and boards holding it down, alothough i went and check on it and the trenches along the side are FULL of water, up to the bricks. Dug some holes further back to help divert the water, but i just hope the water doesnt get in between the sand and bricks- cause it''ll never leave, especiall with the Geofab down under the slag sand. SHT... I hate rains like this!:dizzy:
  10. paponte

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    Murphy's law at it's finest. One thing I have learned in this business... if I know the job can be done in a week, tell the customer 2. If your done before your finish date, your a hero. I tell the customer that, and they appreciate it more. :)

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