18 Hp Kubota Diesel Or 25hp Kohler Pro Comand

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    I am debating over 2 mini track loaders to add to my equipment line up. Bobcat mt-52 and toro's dingo 425 tx wide trac . Bobcat is running running the diesel 18 hp kubota and Toro the kohler 25 hp command series gas. I actually like the Toro better for there are more attatchments , you can get a ride on platform if you wanted , and the tracks on the Toro are 9.5" wide vs. 7". Its hard to tell which one had more lift capacity. The bobcat picked up a supposed 1000 LB. slab of concrete from about 36" above ground and was able to set it down but it bucked a little. The toro picked up a 10' log that was about 15" diameter at one end tapering down to 8" diameter at the otherend , up to full height 5.5 feet and seemed like it handled the weight better even though the Toro weighs about 2000# and the Bobcat about 2500#. they both have pretty much same hand controls, so learning to operate is not a concern . Price for Toro is about $16,000 w/std bucket and bocat is $15,600 with std bucket so price is not the issue. Both companies both will offer a loner machine if my machine were to be down for anytime , during the warranty period. Which is 1 year on the bobcat and 2 for the toro * this for the engines .* Everything is the standard year. So I really need some help in trying to figure out which is the way to go. like I said I would definitely go with the toro if it wasn't for the engine.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Joe

    Sorry if this isn't in the right forum wasn't really sure
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    my buddy at my X employer demoed both as you have spec'd. He said the Bobcat was far and above what the Dingo was. he has over 25 yrs as a landsrape equipment operator and I value his opinion. Demo them amd decide which is better for you. Its your money, if it were mine I'd be dang sure its what I wanted. Of course, dealer support and warranty fit in there too.
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    Hello I have a Toro Dongo 320d for sale. it has the following attachments: Soil Renovator (cultivator) , Auger power head, Bare Trencher w/ bar less chain, Standard Bucket, w/ trailor and accesories. The machine only has 600 hrs of use. I will sell all of it for only $11,000. capitalgroup@spininternet.com
    Thank You
    Spencer Craig

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