18 hp Vanguard Billy Goat


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Hey Guys, Ive got a Billy Goat that just doesnt want to STAY running. She starts up first pull, but seems no fuel getting into carb. Changed pump, fuel filter, its spitting fuel from pump to the carb, any help what I missed?

Billy Goat 18 Vanguard
model dl1801v

4 seasons lawn&land

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clean the carb yet? Also, have you figured out a way to secure the POS choke set up. Mine vibrates out, I have it wire tied in right now.


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sturbridge ma.
I AGREE WITH 4 SEASONS!!! i have seen this way to many times now with this BULLSHIT ETHENOL IN THE GAS!!! ESPECIALLY IF THERE WAS GAS SITTING IN IT OVER THE WINTER. get some carb cleaner and youll need some compressed air. take off the bowl and unscrew all the needle valves. clean them and the inside of carb and the bowl. make sure you take the float off also and clean out that port. as the final step blow air through everything. I THINK YOULL BE SURPRISED HOW WELL IT RUNS AFTER THAT!!!!


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Disconnect the fuel line right at the carburetor and see if fuel flows through, if it does not flow through you will need to replace the fuel line(s).