18' or 20' trailer for mowing??

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Durabird02, Jan 14, 2013.

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    I own a 20 footer that I restored and I own a 16 footer from the same custom welding shop that I ordered when I started. The right size for us would be 18ft I got a lot of space on the 20 footer I don't use. What Id like is to lazers with trac vacs on one crew they are 9 feet long with that configuration so 18 feet would fit them perfectly.

    The longer your trailer the longer your rig and parking can become and issue which I know all to well. My trucks are 23 ft from the front to the ball hitch and my trailers over all length is 25 feet making me 48 feet long. My short set up again the truck is 23 feet and the trailer is 20 feet making that one 43 feet long. Depends where you work but I got neighborhoods thats no issue at all and others where you are blocking one or even 2 driveways no matter where you park it.
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    I thought about this thread today when I saw a Ranger pulling a 7x16 loaded with a walker and two Wb's and at least one 21" maybe two couldn't tell from all the other crap on the trailer, I was like "That poor ranger"
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    I'd listen to gsl Get a 3/4 ton gas truck and you will not regret the 5000 pound axles. The only issue is when you ride through neighborhood where space is an issue I wouldn't go with anything shorter then 16ft.
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    Another push for the 5k axles. We run 20' Pace enclosed trailers with the 5 k axles. Its only a little more up front to buy but you get a heavier tire , larger brakes and more carring capacity.
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    I agree, I don't want to be one of those guys. Sorry for anyone who uses a ranger, but I am looking to be more than just a guy who mows. I run my business as if I were the customer. If some guys pulled up, 3 deep in a ranger pulling a fully loaded 7x16, I would not want them doing work for me. Thank you for all of the opinions, there really isn't much of a difference in price between the 7000# and the 10000# axles, so it's a no brainer for me.
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    Buy the right thing the first time and you ll save in the long run . A quality trailer will outlast a cheap one and you wont feel the need to up grade at some point.
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    I started with a ranger actually used it the first four seasons the first three were part time year before last was full time, but I only pulled a 5x10 with one grandstand and a 21". This last season I was determined to start the season with a full size truck so I bought a 150 then I traded the 5x10 even for a used 6.5x12, now I want an enclosed it'll have to wait though, I bought another mower instead. Right now we're heavy on the maintenance side but getting started more and more on the design install side.
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    Make sure its a heavy duty trailer. If you go 20 ft watch out for the ones that will flex when loading and unloading. I bought one that was to light and the frame cracked all over. Now Im shortening it to 18ft and having it rebuilt. Thats all I need for 2 ztrs and 2 walk behinds and a basket up front. 20 ft also makes it hard to park between driveways in some areas. Get what you need don't go bigger than you need.
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    Which stand on fertlizer spread is best ?
  10. vince otoole

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    Which fertilzer spreader is the best ?

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