18' or 20' trailer for mowing??

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Durabird02, Jan 14, 2013.

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    Uhm...cool. This is called the internet, you're on a forum, in a thread...just not the right one.:hammerhead:
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    i'm in the trailer buying boat right now and like the original poster I haul three mowers. I haul a Ferris IS2000z, Toro 52" Grandstand and Toro 40" walk behind. Right now on my 16' trailer i have to pull the Z on first, then put the Grandstand tight up to that with the front wheels staggered between the back wheels of the Z then i have to put the walk behind on sideways on the back.
    my plan is to move up to an 18'. I'm tossed up between two trailers, one is a demo and one id order in new...the place that has the demo would take my dump trailer in on an even trade, where the new one the company would only give me about 2600 towards a new trailer. Weighing towards the even swap

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    You should be able to fill up the 20 no problem and even if you don't its always nice to have a little extra room to grow
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    I run an 8.5x20 it is a great size trailer. my father runs an 8x16 and it is just too small. After using the 8.5 wide i wouldnt buy an 8 wide. that extra 6" makes a big difference when moving around machines. another thing i would recommend is 5k axles. the weight adds up in these mowing rigs and they get a lot of miles.
    here is a rough figure for my set up
    8.5x20 - 3,200
    56" ztr - 1,200
    48" wb - 500
    36" wb - 500
    21" wb - 100
    thats 5,500lbs in a 7,000 trailer you would have 1,500lbs left but by the time you add in all the weed wackers, blowers, racks, gas, misc. tools, oil, a barrel for grass, fill that barrel with grass, spare parts, ect. you will get that 1,500 no problem. now lets say your still good with your weight coming in at 6,500lbs and want to replace a walk behind with a stander or a ztr your now over weight.
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    I didn't read all the posts so if no one said it and you haven't bought yet you may want to look at a goose neck. If I were buying a trailer 20'+ lawn trailer I would get a gooseneck to turn much easier in those tight spots.
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