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For your own home property or what? You have quite a spread in machines there as far as pricing goes. Where you are at in the country makes a difference as well. The 915 is awfully hard to beat for home or commercial use. The Lazer X series are very nice machines, and if you aren't forced to cut in the wet, they will do an outstanding job, but they are way more money than either of the other two in many parts of the country. Both the 7 Iron and the V+ decks will cut extremely well, and do it wet or dry. For 5 acres a week, unless you have plenty of money the Lazer X is more than you need, but if you can swing it, you might as well look at a Cheetah or TT II or a Z900 series like the 930, 950 etc.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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