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    Ok just ordered a new trailer yesterday so this has got to go.
    I believe it was made in 01 or 02 but i'll have to look at the tag tomorrow and see. The trailer measures 18' by 82" (extra wide) on the inside. It has new wheels and tires with about 70% tread on them. I put sides all the way around it with a material called aculobond. This has an aluminum outside with a plastic type membrane around it. This will last forever and makes a great spot to put some decals on (the vinyl decals on now will be removed). This cost me over $140 a sheet in itself. I also made a cage out of this material and square tube at the front of the trailer. It also has a ramp gate that needs a few tack welds near the hinges.
    This trailer will honestly make someone a good deal. This trailer has not seen hard use. We have really just upgraded to a newer trailer with more accesories. Back when I first got it I used it once - maybe twice a week. Now its was just more practical to get a new one - especially before steel goes up again. :dizzy:
    I've tried to describe this as best and accurately as I can. Feel free to PM me or call me anytime at 573.259.8966 for any more info. I'm going to take more pics tomorrow but heres one for now...
    Price - $1200 or will consider trades


    cub trailer1.JPG

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