18 year old first season landscaping

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Walkerchav, Apr 20, 2017.

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    Whatsup guys, I'm 18 and it's my first season with lawn care and landscaping. Just posting to see if anyone out there is younger and having success... or anyone in their first or first few seasons. I've done well so far, probably grossed around 2500 in my first 4 weeks. But I'm now not getting any calls. I really want to pursue this and be my own boss, but I'm just finding it harder and harder to get calls. I have been getting offers from landscaping companies in the area to come and work for them, but I'm turning them down. Does anyone else have a similar situation? Does the beginning and middle of summer really hurt us landscapers? It just seems like I was getting so many calls when I first started, and now it's dwindling. I don't know if I'm complaining or ranting here, I guess just kind of venting. I want work everyday and will work 80 hour weeks, just need to find the work. I advertise like none other. Anyone else have any stories about when they first started up?
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    I'm 15 word of mouth is key but it will either make you or break you I would work for a company and get the feel of everything.
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    Have you done landscaping before? It wouldn't be the worst idea to take a job with a company and learn how to do everything, get a better idea how to price your jobs.

    Sticking it out will be tough but keep going. I imagine it's hard being young and have people trust you to do the big jobs.
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    I have my dad come along with me on bigger jobs, he's been a builder/contractor all his life. I really want to build up my business and I'm honestly not going to consider working for another company, as I work nights at a restaraunt. I research constantly online and have good mentors. Thanks for the words.
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    Well if you have a fall back and I'm guessing you live at home? If so you do have the luxury of security and can comfortably build your business for a few years before moving out.

    It's my first year and I have a 20~ hour a week job that I won't quit until I have 6 months living expenses in the bank, which might be next year sometime...
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    No disrespect I think it's great you want to build your co but if you work for a landscaping co then you know what you are getting into and you can feel it out if you like it or not and you can potentially network with them maybe pick up a few extra jobs along with what you do now. There are lots of options I think saying I don't want to work for another company is not the smartest descisions but hey I'm just a 15 year old... and that's my two cents good luck this season
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    I kinda agree with people saying to work for another company for a little bit.
    I sorta am doing that now, & I wouldn't be where I am today in my 1st Full year without it. Although it's more of a Partnership. Plus he is a Friend of my Parents(compared to a stranger)
    Working for His Well Established Business that does Lawn Aeration & Fertilization, etc. have helped me really gain more Mowing customers.
    Plus it's extra income from doing the Aerating & Stuff. Also I'm learning a lot. Not only how to mow correctly, but also a lot about Lawn Health & all.

    So it's defiantly something to consider
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  8. jlbf0786

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    Just sell all of your equipment and give away the accounts, take a half-as$ job working for a commercial LCO; drive their truck home daily.. and top out at around $50k/annually in 10 yrs. Best advice you'll ever get
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  10. C0dyL88

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    I just wanna say good luck buddy! I'm 28 and have a full time job and I just started lawncare and maintenance to help me transition into being a firefighter. If you have another job and are comfortable living right now. I'd say be patient and keep advertising. That's what I've done and I'm
    Past the slow period and I'm joe decently busy weekly. Just keep going man! Sounds like you have a plan to me.

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