180's w/44" walk behind on step saver

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Yerkz, Mar 20, 2008.

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    Just mowed my lawn for first time with Quick 44 with step saver attachment. Very pleased with the cut, but disapponted with the mowers ability to due 180's. It took alot of work and all my weight to get it to turn around. Maybe I was not doing something right. It was easy to due on the driveway but in the yard it was a heck of a workout. I could not imagine doing it for 4 to 5 hours a day. Anyone out there have similar problems with the Quick 44 or any large walk behind. And again it was only on the grass and using the step saver that it was most difficult. Thanks for any feedback.
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    in my metro's when you pull the brake lever you better be holding on
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    Maybe I should ask this in a different way. What is the trick to makeing turns with a walk behind on a sulky. I have read on here it is all in the hips and very little to do with the arms, but I had to use both with everything I had to even come close to making a 180 degree turn. Very tiring. I am using a Quick 44 mower and was taking alot off very thick grass if that makes any diffrence. If it does not work out better next time I am sending the mower back. Any advice is greatly appreciated
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    Keep trying, you'll get the hang of it. And once it hits you, you'll never look back!

    It's a combination of hips, arms, and shifting of weight. Once you get all three of these down at the right times, it's very easy.

    When heading straight and getting ready to make a right turn, the first thing we do is begin shifting our weight and make sure our heels are in the turn. So basically point your feet to the left to turn right, while using a little bit of arms. The further and faster to the left you swivel your toes (this is the "hips" part) the more rapid the turn. Once you shift your weight and point your toes in the opposite direction of your turn, you'll find the mower should actually whip around fairly easy the opposite way, due to the swivel in the middle of the step saver.

    You may want to get back on the pavement, without moving, and try the above moving from side to side pointing your toes. You'll obviously see front of the mower goes the opposite direction. Look down and really just take in how its designed, the swivel point, and the mechanics of the movement. That's what clicked for me and made it very easy.

    Also, we put grip tape on ours and it helps with even more control, especially if its wet.

    So you just need to think opposite for the big turns, and for little turns or just steering you simply just shift your weight, kind of from side to side and you won't even need your arms at all.

    Keep us posted, and keep trying....it's worth it!

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