18hp Billy Goat Force compared to 13hp

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ealbertson, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. ealbertson

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    Has anyone used both the F1301H (13hp Honda Force Blower) and the F1801V (18hp Vanguard Force Blower)? I am trying to decide which one to go with. I will be using for fall cleanups in VA where it can be hilly on some properties. The 18 is 18lbs heavier. The other difference that I noticed other than of course the hp is the exhaust chute it 1" bigger on the 18. The rest looks the same according to Billy Goat's spec. sheet. What I really want to know is how they compare in use. Does the additional weight outweigh the value of the extra hp etc..

    Thanks, Ed
  2. topsites

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    I know a 10hp is a BIG difference from an 8...
    Speed for one, yes it makes some of a difference in time, but that in and of itself is minor.
    Here it evens out, with dry fluff it's weight vs. power and all that, it's about 6 of one and half of the other, yeah you could've gotten the lesser blower and just took a little longer and maybe not because it's lighter, no big difference.

    But wait until you get into that one pile of leaves, that muck of wet dirty and nasty mess, all of a sudden either you have the power, or you don't. And if you don't got it, they don't move. That is when you'll love having it and I'm sure you'll run into it at least once / season, it makes the difference between getting the job done now vs. you telling yourself various excuses to help keep the anger from coming on.

    It always makes a difference, it's always that thing it's like, yeah it cost but dang straight look at this bad boy I got that job done!
    So less times you short yourself on cash, less frustration, home before dark and less times the customer has to pay extra as well.
    Because you got the power!
    I'd get the 18 ...
  3. ed2hess

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    We use the 13HP Billygoat and it has a lot of power......unfortunately when cleaning up parking lots that are paved it pushes a lot of gravel which ends up on the lawn. Maybe this 18hp would actually push too much soil when moving leaves and leave the grass roots exposed? We knocked a window out when we first got the unit from around 60ft away, so we really have to watch where we blow.
  4. ealbertson

    ealbertson LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks guys for the input. I think I will go for the 13 because of fear of tearing up the yard which is something I hadn't thought about. We have quite a few lawns with moss. As far as the power I usually look at it that way. I learned years ago you can cry once when you spend the extra money or cry evertime you use a piece of equipment that is under powered. In this case though I have to think about the moss etc and also my dealer doesn't carry the 18. Thanks again and I will pray that you and your families all have a great day. Take care, Ed
  5. Brad Ent

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    Along the same lines, I'm looking at the Billygoat 9 and 13HP, like ealbertson we deal with hilly properties. I'm concerned about the weight, pushing an extra 20-30 lbs takes its toll on the body.
  6. topsites

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    Now you'll have to excuse me but I thought you were talking of a leaf sucker, not a push blower.
    In that case the 13 likely is more than enough, maybe even smaller.

    Because the 10hp strips gravel, too...
    Takes practice, if you didn't want power you don't want a push blower, right?
    These are goats, don't they still make them with chutes that adjust from the bar?
    My finger don't come off that adjustment lever.

    Now isn't the 18hp a mid-frame unit?
    I thought 10 was one of the last in the line of small frame blowers, and I thought all mid-frames and bigger were self-propelled?
    They should be, not sure about the 13 but I thought around 15 or so they all became power-drives...

    The worst part about weight isn't pushing per se, it's the inclines, that thing gets to where it wants to tip over and you have to keep it straight. But to me it was about money, the 10hp was only $100 more than the 8, it seemed like the logical choice.
    Around 13 it jumped because it went from briggs to honda...
    That was 5-6 seasons ago thou...

    But between small-frame push blowers, you want at LEAST 8hp but 10hp is just about enough, if that helps.
    Because that's what I have is the 10hp quiet blow (thou I wouldn't brag about how 'quiet' it is lol).
    But don't go smaller than 8, me thinks 10 is a tough blower.
  7. ealbertson

    ealbertson LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hi Guys, I bought the Billy Goat Force 13hp Honda today. I haven't been able to use it other than the general light stuff in the yard, but I will say that thing is a monster. You know the stubborn leaves, sticks etc imbedded in the grass that you have to direct a back pack at to move, this thing just cleaned them right up at the normal push speed that I blow at. It pushed some very impressive sized sticks as well. I had the Billy Goat standard unit (non Force) with a 9hp Subaru engine for the last few years which was a good unit, but it doesn't touch this thing. The 90 degree attachment to blow straight ahead is almost a joke, since it is almost impossible to push the unit against its output. I do see use for it though. It is a little heavy for hills. I don't see it as being unmanageable, but it will be a work out.
  8. topsites

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    Don't I keep saying NOTHING stands up to the 10+hp push blower? :laugh:
    uhm yeah the straight-blow attachment is a joke thou.

    But, that thing is so awesome you won't even FEEL the weight!
    The power is so exhilarating you will probably forget yourself, the job is done so fast.

    Every leaf job there are only 3 things I remember:
    1) Waking up, lalala, Getting to the job, unloading, starting it and gets running, all that crap...
    2) then ... WTHell... LMAO get outta here Whoa! now we talking Woohoo and LOL!!!
    3) And afterwards, how come I'm so sore?

    Yes sir, that is a once in a lifetime experience happening every single leaf job.

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