18hp Briggs vanguard charging system

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by dwc, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. dwc

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    I have this engine in a grasshopper and it is not charging the battery. Can someone tell me how to test to see if it's the regulator or magneto that is bad? Any other ideas as to what may be wrong?

  2. Restrorob

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    Stator test;

    Un-plug the voltage regulator, Use a multimeter set on AC scale. Put the tester leads onto the two stator pins inside the plug connector (it doesn't matter which color lead goes where in the plug).

    Start the engine and run throttle to 3600 rpm's then read the meter, A 10 amp system should put out no less than 20 volts AC. The 16 amp system should put out no less than 30 volts AC.

    Also, Make sure you have battery voltage to the voltage regulator when the key is in the run position.

    Good Luck
  3. dwc

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    Thanks, I think I found the problem, it looks like a connection wasn't making good connection so I tightened it up and put some dilectic grease on it and all seems ok for now. Hope it stays that way!
  4. B&STech

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    Hi, my name is Dan and I am a Technical Service Rep with Briggs & Stratton in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From what you describe, if you have two black wires leading from the stator which attach to a yellow connector, it is correct that a 10 amp system should produce a minimum of 20 VAC and a 16 amp system should produce a minimum of 30 VAC. If the stator tests properly, there is a certain procedure to test the regulator/rectifier. We can further assist you by calling the Briggs & Stratton Answer Center to talk to a representative at calling (800) 274-4477. We are available weekdays from 8am to 5pm, CST. Should you need additional information or assistance, there are diagrams, owner’s manuals, and FAQ’s located at www.briggsandstratton.com under the ‘Maintenance and Repair” section. Hope this helps! ~Dan
  5. Fordsflylow

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    If there is no battery voltage @ the regulator what would be bad; the ignition or regulator? I have a new battery in my Exmark 48" that is charged so I know that's not it. I started having charging issues after on a windy day a plastic bag blew from the glove compartment and covered the air intake for cooling the engine and overheated the engine. Of course I was p****** about it but I removed the bag and allowed to idle to cool back down.

    Thanks for any help regarding this!
  6. Restrorob

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    Un-plug the regulator and test for voltage on the harness plug with the key in run position, If you have no voltage on this wire trace it back to the ignition switch. Some units have a in-line fuse between the ignition switch and regulator.

    Will need all machine and engine numbers to go much further.....

    Good Luck

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