19-0-6 .15 Dimension and Edgeguard Spreader Settings

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    I'm sure Iowa has plenty of places for soil testing check with one of the major universities there that has a agriculture dept they usually do soil testing, at least they do here.
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    See here:

    Search on "iowa agricultural co-op" and/or "iowa agricultural extension"

    For example, contact the folks on the right hand side of the following link and ask them where you can get an analysis of a soil sample from residential turfgrass.

    Here is the Iowa State University soil test lab:
    Go here,
    and follow through to "Horticulture Crops (lawns, gardens, vineyards)".

    Also see

    If you can't find a local place you are not looking hard enough. If you REALLY can't find a local place then just send your samples to Rutgers (see links above) and you'll have results in 5 days.


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