19.7 Acre Commercial Account. Whats Your Price?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bah1491, Mar 21, 2013.

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    Good at least I am not the cheapest on this anymore with a mow price of $170.

    I have a school up for bids this week. All total 80 acres of turf. Roughly 2 blocks by 12 blocks - all close. The last 3 years they had a guy hired to use there JD 72 and he used his exmark 72, they paid him $9 / hour to mow plus extra of some sort to use his machine. As dry as it was last year he still squicked close to $21,000 out of the school district.

    Myself, thinking trim as needed, where seen by people ever time, if your good with a mower very little blowing, only part to bag is one ball field and football field. Everything is open. Sure alot walks, curbs but nothing our 40 acre complex has not offered us. THing is I want to use our wams. Open area we can make time. Stick the 72"s out there in there places, bag with the 52"s. I honestly think if I have a full crew there, start to finishone day. maybe a few hours the next to finish. Man hours you may ask - I am thinking 35-40 man hours. Spring will be longer if we get rain due to wetter heavier grass, july should be a dust bowl, september with days getting shorter may increase visit time due to constraints of mowing while in school. Cost - not going there as you guys already think I am low so I'll let you people venture a guess.
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    ^^^^ $680.00 per visit :clapping:
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    It was not 20 acres, but I was talking time wise it would comparable to this account we are looking at. To do the contract it would of took about 8 hours on average and one day a month more like 14hrs to do all the trimming along 5 ponds it was 3 parks totaling 10ish acres but the largest park was spread over a hundred acres so you had a good mile-or 2 of road ways to mow. One park is 30 miles away from the other 2 and all had to be mowed on a thursdays. I figued once he spent his fuel he would make about $100 for a near full days work. I was like wow. I bid $450 and the third bidder was $560. I would of bid around $500 or $550 for what we are looking on this thread to give some perspective. The main low baller in my area finally went under last summer. Were talking 2 guys charging around 20-25 a man hour. It was laughable for a mid size lawn company.
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    Here 2 low ballers went out and about 40 contacts has opened up maybe I get back to 100 accounts. Last year was at 76. I have 3 72'' 4 60'' I like try keep all 7 busy atleast 4 days of the week. I'm not talking about small lawns either. I'm hoping to bundle more jobs where I can park and mow for hours with out moving truck and trailer.
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    I hope they give you a 3 yr contract for all the headaches.

    The prices some of you guys are throwing out........... I'd just stay home.
    $170 for a day's work??????????
    I can get more than that and have $0.00 dollars in expense besides my lunch, gas to work and the cost of work clothes.

    Never mind a pickup, trailer with mowers, handhelds, insurances, labor, taxes, workers comp etc.

    The guy bidding $170 for a day's work is highly unlikely to have commercial grade equipment and even more unlikely to have insurance.
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    It's true, the most I'd want to do with a Ztr is 8-10 acres.
    The most, the absolute most.
    Not the average.
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    This very much depends on your ztr. You need the top of the line diesel ztr's to be competitive at over 10 acres. Shoot it would take a good 25 acres before I needed to refill my kubota zd326 with fuel. I do that 15 acre school on around 4 or less gallons of diesel. But if you had a lot of these account get a lastec mower.
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    this site now makes me sick looking at these ridiculous numbers! $9 an hour mowing a school with own equipment etc? Hell even a burger flipper at mcdonalds makes more then that man! Like i said if you cant make a minimum of $40 Per Man Hour your obviously not in this business to make profit...might as well open a non profit organization and move down here and work for me. I pay my employees more then what most owners make(from what im seeing in this post)......
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    Your low with 40/ hour very very low
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    Right. I'm at 95/mhr
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