19 HP Kawasaki FH601V engine hp upgrade?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by clif, May 19, 2010.

  1. clif

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    I read on a website forum (a racing engine hopup type site) that by simply changing my carburetor I can have up to 25 hp from my 19 hp eninge. Supposedly, this is because the FH series engine I have is nearly identical to the FH641V, FH661V, FH680v & FH721V except the carberutor, and in the case of the FH721V 25hp, an oil cooler. Does anyone know more about this than me? If this is true, then for about $300 I can upgrade my carburetor and gain lots more power....
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  3. clif

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    I want to look for the carburetor that goes on the 23hp FH680v to install it on my 19hp FH601v. When looking at online part stores, they list about 20 different models of each of these engines, example FH680V-AS01. I don't know what model I have, my owners manual says I have an ELU # 927236 52" Hustler Mini Z 19HP KAW serial number 07101592. Nothing in the manual states any numbers like AS01, AS02, etc. Also, the parts store lists at least 3 "carburetor assembly" items. for the fh680v-as01 the part numbers are 15003-7003, 15003A-7022, & 15003B-7040 - each of these costs around $300. Do I have to buy all three? Or is this just different choices of carburetors?

    If you could tell me which part numbers I need to upgrade my engine to the 23 hp, I would greatly appreciate it!! I don't want to buy an extra $600 worth for nothing, in fact, if the upgrade requires me to spend $900 it's not worth it, a brand new engine is like $1600 or so.
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    Never mind the Hustler manual.

    All the information needed to identify the exact series of your Kawasaki is located right on the engine itself.

    Once you have the correct info, you can download the factory Engine Service Manual from several sources. I think I got mine from www.mymowerparts.com
  5. clif

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    Another concern I have, is this carburetor swap out project fairly easy to do for an average person, or is this something the mower shop needs to do for me? I have a hoist and impact wrench on hand.
  6. dadreier

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    If you had the Engine Service Manual, you could read about the procedures to swap in (remove and replace) whatever parts are ultimately determined to be needed. You should have a good idea then if this modification is something you will be comfortable with.

    Since you sound like a novice, I'll mention that sometimes certain assemblies (like carb linkage, for example) can be confusing to re-assemble properly, especially if you are relying strictly on memory. Because the pictures in the manual can't always answer the question of what went where, consider taking digital photos from a variety of angles, should you decide to tackle this project.

    BTW, you probably can probably get this job done without a hoist or impact wrench.
  7. clif

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    OK, I went through the tedious process of comparing every single part number from my FH601V-DS22 engine and heres what I came up with:

    The only TWO parts that have different part numbers are the Carburetor Assembly #15004-7029 on FH680V-DS22 or #15004-7030 on FH721V-DS22, AND the Shaft-carburetor #16041-7024 on the FH680V-DS22 or #16041-7025 on the FH721V-DS22.
    The carb. assy costs $321.59 on partstree.com but cheaper at www.m-and-d.com The shaft-carb. costs $32.20 at m&d. The whole carburetor assy. part number is only different b/c of the shaft difference, so it appears there's no need to replace the whole carburetor.

    It looks that if you have the 19hp kawasaki FH601V, you can upgrade to 21, 23, or 25 hp by simply replacing this carburetor shaft, with the exception on the 25hp you will need the oil cooler#39067-7008, the o-ring#92055-7006, the joint#59071-7009, and the valve-assy.#49116-7001. All of parts needed to convert from 19 to 25 hp will cost around $67 plus shipping. I have not done this conversion yet, but will be doing this real soon. Hope this helps anyone else out there that is still seeking answers.
  8. Chris "Greenville"

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    I'm very interrested in how this conversion turns out...I'm still under warranty with mine so I don't want to do anything just yet. But as soon as it's over, power up time! keep us posted. Thanks, Chris
  9. clif

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    I ordered the parts yesterday, I'll let everyone know how it turns out after installing them.
  10. underPSI

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    Why would this part be needed if you are adding an oil cooler?

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