1976 3/4 ton 4wd drum brakes

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by 3/4tonTodd, Sep 5, 2000.

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    First off, I'd like to thank Chuck for his pages and his advice. I've been emailing him a lot and he's been responding to every one of my questions. I felt like I was taking up too much of his time, so I came here to give him a break from my brakes. My problem is this - I can't get the brake drum off of the truck. I adjusted them all the way down, pulled the axle shaft (full floater 14 bolt GM) and I can't get the silly thing off. After pulling the axle shaft, I removed the two large nuts, behind which is a large washer. Behind that last washer is a bearing set, which doesn't seem to come out until the drum is off - but I can't get the drum off. Am I missing a step? I can't find any further info in my Chilton's book, and a big hammer didn't do the trick. Bigger hammer, maybe?
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    I'll bet there is a ridge around the inner edge of the drum that is holding you up. Back the shoes off all the way if you can taht will help, if you can't adjust them, then get out the prybars and big hammer and be prepared to wreck some hardware taht holds the shoes to the backing plate.
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    Better yet remove the backing plates from the housing and remove the drum and plate in one piece. Then use a press to separate the two.
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    I have a 76 k10 that I put on k20 axles. I also changed the rear drums over to discs, so I had to take the drums off and they just wouldn't budge. You said you took the axles out and the hub nuts off, so the drum CAN come off now, it's just doesn't want to. If you promise not to laugh, I'll tell you how I got mine off. I hooked two tie-downs to the lips of the drum (It's secure) and then to the hitch on my 96 Dodge Ram with the 360. I eeeeeeeeeeeeased onto the throttle real slow and pulled the d**m things off.
    Not sure what the neighbors thought about it, but it worked.
    -- Mike

    BTW, the shoes were just wedged into the drum and that's why it wouldn't come off. It didnt damage anything taking it off this way and I could have reused evrything but the shoes if I had kept drum brakes.
    Obviously have the drum pop off onto grass and not your concrete driveway...
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    I have had good luck getting off pesky brake drums with a slide hammer. You will need one with a 90 degree flange ,put flange on back lip of drum and wang away then move it a few inchs and wang some more, keep going aroun drum untill they pop.
    bill rogers....

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