1979 F-250 SuperCab for sale.

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Redneckn, Jan 16, 2006.

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    I have to sell this truck. It is a 1979 F-250 SuperCab (extend cab) Trailer special. Has 460 c.id. engine and C-6 trans. 16" wheels. All glass is intact with no cracks. Truck has no dents. Some minor rusting around the rain gutters. A few small holes rusted in the floor of the bed. But it's solid enough for my big butt to jump around in.
    Has new rear brake and drums. New master cylinder. New shocks. Less than 5K miles on new timing chain, fuel pump, plugs, and Optima red top. Has a Edelbrock 650cfm carb with Edelbrock intake.

    Problems: Front brakes work, but need to be replaced. The rotors are warped and will need to be replaced.
    The camshaft clatters a little. The tail pipes are rotted off behind the mufflers. Does not have a stereo. The tires are old. But they do have some tread and hold air. The power steering pump lines leak a little. She does drop a little oil here and there. Not more than 1/2 quart between oil changes. The a/c is there, but does not blow cold. The Heater core has a hole in it, so it's bypassed.

    So, there you have it. Oh yeah. It has one of those "cop" style spotlights that works. It's kinda fun to have that.

    I'm looking for $1500 OBO. Can provided photos of the truck if you'd like. Just pm me and let me know.

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