1980 rusted ford van 8th grade

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by hustlers, May 17, 2003.

  1. hustlers

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    8th grade,

    borrowed my dads old rusty beater van
    invested in a used murray 40 bucks.

    Drove with my partner who had a license since i
    did not. We hand raked and push mowed for 3 years,
    then my dad made a trailer out of a 20 dollar junk snowmobile
    trailer made it look nice, made about 8-12 grand in the summer.
    Went solo, took my grad money 1000 and bought a used snapper
    52in wb.

    Just kept growing, got my pesticide license and degree 3 years ago. now we got about 60 real good accounts-

    Got 6 commercial mowers-walker-bobcat-hustler-snapper
    3 toyota pu, 1 nissan, 1f350 dump, GMC cabforward,
    mint 1950 chevy fleetside, 1937 Gmc farm truck.

    Hired my dad and older brother
    Im pretty happy
    Bought 2 rental properties--paid off
    bought 20 acres

    Now im 22 and spend 2-4 months every winter doing
    volunteer agricultural work in the southern Mexico rainforest with
    coffee, big trees, vanilla, etc.

    Lord willing, 2 more years I can be a full time agricultural missionary doing sustainable profitable organic agriculture
    helping the impoverished people succeed, to the degree i have
    been blessed.

    I give all credit to God, who has helped me through long hours
    good mind, and the determination to work for the glory of God
    to help any and every with the skills that i have been blessed with
  2. dmk395

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    Just curious why you paid off your rental properties?
  3. Randy J

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    Great testimony Hustlers.

  4. rkbrown

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    Very inspiring story...thanks for sharing it !!!
  5. bhm

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    very good
    tell me how u did it

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