1985 C20 Crew Cab Longbed

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Sunshine, Jan 21, 2001.

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    I bought this truck several years ago at an auction and it served me well as a work truck. For the last couple years it has sat waiting for me to swap the engine out. I bought a 350 4 bolt main, 3 or 400 miles on it. Problem is before I bought the truck it was used pretty hard and a 305 (I think out of a car) was put in it to sell. I know it came with the 350, 1 air pump?, dual exhaust and no cat. Does anyone know where I can find a picture or diagram of what the 350 is supposed to look like for emmisions? My Hayes book isn't as much help as I need. Do I need to get the Shop Manual, would it have the pics I need? Thanks for your time, Mark
  2. Sunshine

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    Got the new engine installed Friday almost complete. Trying to finish the reassembly as much as I can then I'll have to drag it down to the mechanic to adjust the carb and finish with the vacuum lines. I went ahead and put both smog pumps on from the 305 just in case the emmissions guy told me wrong about only needing one, figure I can just take the belt off after the fact. I had to bolt the old
    "mock" headers back on since I spent my header $$$ replacing the cam in my new engine (too much lift for a truck I guess).
    Am having pics developed on CD, what's the best way to post pics on the internet? Thanks, Mark
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    You can get your own website and post pics, i think you can post pics in the forum, but i havn't seen anyone do that yet.

    Im willing to have some of your photos to put on my website.

    Also, how does it feel to drive a crewcab. I thought about getting one. Are they to long to drive around town,like going to the store? Is parking hard in tight spots. Any advantages about the fourdoor, like giving your friends a ride plus storing things when its raining? And any disadvantages.
  4. Sunshine

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    Tell you what I wouldn't have it any other way. I knew I was going to have trouble with this engine swap (emmissions), so I was looking at older trucks to put my new engine in but I couldn't do without those 4 doors. Once you got them you'll never go back. As far as driving in town, so you can't make u-turns, and you will only get stuck in a small parking space once before you learn to park at the end and walk to the store. Highway driving, mine just floats along- gotta love it.
    Thanks for the reply, I get my cd tomarrow or the next day. My trucks pretty bad but its got 4 doors, I'll be in touch. Mark

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