1985 Chevy K-20 Plow Truck

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Darryl G, Nov 14, 2009.

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    I'm selling my 1985 Chevy K-20 Pickup. It's pretty much in original condition (and it shows). I'm the second owner. I picked it up from a local dealer in 1999 who purchased it from the original owner. I originally used it for personal use and then for my first season of lawn care in 2002. I bent a valve speeding my son to the emergency room and put on remanufactured heads at that time. After that it was pretty much just used for plowing and an occasional errand until I retired it from plow duty last year. I gave it a lube job and new wipers last fall before deciding to just put my money toward a plow for my 2003 silverado. I was holding onto it for my teenage son to rebuild but he's decided he wants something more modern, lol.

    The body is definitely rough but mecahnically it's pretty sound other than the defects I'll list later. It's got the heavy duty 350 engine, 3 speed auto with the 4:10 rear. I've replaced the fuel tank, radiator and Y pipe, all of which should still be in fine. It only has 87K original miles on it...and I'm sure it's not 187k or 287k. Tires are excellent with a good matching spare. I have all the receipts somewhere for the work I've done to it. I did upgrade the vacuum activated choke to an electronic one, otherwise it's pretty much stock. The bed appears to have been replaced before i purchased and is in good shape.

    Defects: I the left fender is pretty rotted and flaps around, I think one or more cab mounts are rotted out, needs a tail pipe and maybe a muffler, needs brake lines, brake hoses, transmission lines (there's a section of rubber line on there now - field repair). I would consider it to need all new brakes, I know the front rotors are original and they sure don't sound very good. Rocker panels are pretty much gone, fuel gauge is intermittent (I replaced the sender unit), temp guage didn't appear to be working last time I fired it up, windshield washer not working. It may be a grounding problem as far as the gauges go. Passenger side door met a post while plowing and is pretty rotted now, driver door is better but the hinge seems to be sagging a bit now.

    As for the plow, it's a Fisher speedcast and works just fine (albeit slow being belt driven). It could use a new cutting edge. The center pivot was pretty worn and the plow was getting hung up on an ear on the frame so a local welding shop fixed that at the end of it's last plowing season (2008). I have a spare pump. Oh, it does leak down after a while...I think it's just air in the lines. The bottom of the lift cylinder is kind of rotted too.

    Oh, the truck fires right up and runs fine. The motor and trans are strong. There is a bit of "snorkeling" from the manifold when you first fire it up...the shop had a little bit of a hard time grinding the manifold level when they put he new heads on. There's also a rotted off valve of some sort I think so there's a bit of exhaust noise from there as well. There's some leakage from top of motor...head cover gaskets I think..not bad but smoked when i fired it up after sitting.

    For someone who has a place to strip this baby down and do the work themselves, this would be a good truck to rebuild as a landscaper/plow truck or use it as-is with some minor work as a farm or yard truck. Or as a parts truck of course. Oh..there is some steering play. She wears tires evenly.

    The interior is pretty darn good for a truck this age. The seat does have a bit of a sag on the driver side corner, maybe a dislodged spring...not so bad that I ever bothered to look into it.

    I'll be as honest as I can about what it needs, I'm not looking to rip anybody off, but i'll part it out before I let it go too cheap.

    The truck is in southeastern Connecticut...local pickup only. Due to the conditiion of the brakes and brake and tranny lines, I'd assume it needs to be towed or flatbedded.

    The attached pictures were taken last year but still represent it's condition pretty well. I'll try to take some current ones after it stops raining.

    Asking price $20k OBO ;)

    Trucks and GP in snow 025.jpg

    Trucks and GP in snow 035.jpg

    Trucks and GP in snow 036.jpg

    Trucks and GP in snow 037.jpg

    Trucks and GP in snow 038.jpg
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    Oh, tail gate is a bit messed up, handle is rotted and a tree backed into me so the back bumper is pretty much shot, messing up the gate a bit too. It closes but I think you have to do one side at a time or something.

    Here's a pic of the odometer that didn't fit in the last post and my new rig...the Silverado is not for sale.

    Trucks and GP in snow 039.jpg

    Trucks and GP in snow 046.jpg
  3. z71tiger

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  4. Darryl G

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    Did i hear 20K? Sold to Z71 tiger for 20k, rofl
  5. z71tiger

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    thats what you put as your asking price
  6. Darryl G

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    Yes, I know..just funning with you..but it is a classic after all and worth every penny :p

    It was a good series of trucks and parts are still cheap and plentiful. A lot of guys around here still run them. I wish I had a shop I could pull it into and do the work myself. It would be cost prohibitive to have a shop do it.
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    How about $20? Counter
  8. Darryl G

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    No thank you. Take your 20 bucks and go buy a stick plow.

    SKYNYRD LawnSite Fanatic
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    you might be too far away but try justchevytrucks.com there should be an email link on the website:waving:
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    20 grand is way to much. i buy and rebuild chevys as a hobbie. And that chevy with plow and rust is worth maybe 3500-4500. maybe, And a chevy guy has to buy it at that price, because none else will appreciate that truck except a chevy guy. good luck.

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