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1988 Ford F-250 4x4, in Kansas-For sale.

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Jason Rose, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Jason Rose

    Jason Rose LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,858

    Ford F-250 4x4. 460 Cu. In., Automatic. 146,000 miles.
    Has Flat bed that WAS a dump bed. Bed no longer has the sissor hoist under it, but is still hinged in the rear so it could be converted back to a dump! Bed is bolted down currently. I put a coat of paint on the bed, I had pressure washed it and wire wheeled it in prep for paint that's why it looks so bad in the pics. 4x4 works, shifts smooth.

    A complete listing of the parts that have been replaced or services completed:

    2-6-03: New long block 460 engine, transmission rebuild, rear U-joint, transfer case seal, Harmonic balancer, water pump, plugs, 2 injectors, plus misc.

    6-25-03: Replaced the other 6 injectors, replaced passenger side exhaust manifold, 02 sensor.

    7-16-03: repairs to control rough idle.

    2-6-04: Replaced throttle positioning sensor, computer, 8 fuel injectors (again), intake manifold gaskets, several broken vacuum lines.

    3-9-04: Replaced low pressure fuel pump in front tank and high pressure pump on the frame, fuel pressure regulator.

    3-25-05: Complete brake job, new rotors and drums, pads, new lines on front.

    6-15-05: Replaced drive shaft (broke origional) and transfer case. (both were salvage items with warrantys in good condition)

    7-10-05: Throttle cable

    7-15-05: 2 new TOYO tires on rear, load range 'E'

    10-22-05: Right rear brake cylinder replaced and pads on that wheel.

    I have ommitted some low cost items that have no real bearing on how the truck preforms or drives.

    Truck currently needs:
    To have the exhaust manifolds removed on both sides and milled smooth then remounted onto engine without gaskets (both sides are leaking).

    Transmission is not wanting to go into drive, when cold, right away. Once warmed up it works 100%. Possibly needs new seals.

    Engine still dosn't run right 100% of the time. Wants to surge when stopped while running in drive. Dosn't do it all the time. Sometimes cuts out while driving too. Possibly needs a new throttle positioning sensor again or computer isn't always getting/sending signal.

    Potential buyer would need to be from somewhere close or have a way to get it home. It gets 5-6 mpg and does not have OD. Driving it on the highway at highway speeds for extended periods of time could be costly. (does have cruise though)

    I'm asking $3,000 OBO. PM me for more info or call 620-727-0902. Thanks!






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