1988 Ford F800

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by vntgrcr, Oct 9, 2005.

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    I have an opportunity to buy a 88 F800 with the straigt six diesel engine. Here are the specs. 5 spd with split rear end, 75K miles, very good tires all around, electric tarp, 5-6yrd body, PTO, air brakes with air to rear for trailer, rated for 33Klbs, they did tow a CAT 312 with it, interior in very good shape, exterior body/paint in great shape, one small rust through on lower cab. I don't know anythng about the reliability of the straight six motor, seems to run out great. The guy wants $14ish, I am going to offer 10 and no more. I think it is worth all of that but wanted your opinions. Thanks
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    There were 3 different straight 6 diesel engines offered for the F-800 in 1988--which one is it?

    It could be the New Holland 6.6, New Holland 7.8, or the 5.9L Cummins ISB. Can't remember when the NH engines were phased out for the Cummins.

    It also could possibly have the Cat 3208 V-8, available in non-turbocharged, turbocharged, and turbocharged and intercooled versions, IIRC.
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    14k is too high. If you look hard enough you can find them a lot cheaper. We recently bought a 93 GMC Topkick 7 yard dump with 92k, 30,000 on the rebuilt Cat 3116, with a 5+2 trans, 33kgvw for $7000 from dealer in RI. I had to put 4 tites, a couple of belts and a brake can on it and we run it everyday. Email me if you want the dealers info.


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    In all liklihood, it would have been the NH engine. Look at the valve cover. If it looks similar to any straight six valve cover on a gas engine, it is the NH. If it is low and flat, it is probably a Cummins. The NH exhaust will also be 3" and the Cummins ran a 4" coming out of the manifold.

    In a very rare case, someone might have speced that truck with the Brazilian 9.0 liter engine. They could be good, and could be junk, depending on how they were maintained. If the truck was used to haul heavy all the time, and by no means would I use an F-800 to pull a 312 Cat excavator, you could be encroaching on a prematurely tired engine. I never liked any of the NH engines Ford ran in their bigger F series trucks because they could not pull a booger out of a wet bucket of snot but that is just me.

    As far as the price......Lemme tell you what you are up against. Look at the pricing of any truck in the class 5 or 6 range, which is what you have here....

    Cab and chassis with the options you listed, no matter whose brand, you are dancing around 50-55K. Put a body on it and you add another 10K at minimum, add a hitch and wiring for $500.00.

    So, you have a 60K rig. Now here is one you found with only 75K miles on it for 14K....See what I'm getting at? The new truck cost is so outrageous (I was buying class 5 trucks at one point in time for 29K) that it drives the used cost right up there. Do I think 14ish is too high, yes, but then the liklihood you would find anything in that class with that low milage, as nice as this truck is, pretty slim. Offer 10 and see how they react.
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    Bill, thanks for putting it in perspective for all of us. I never looked at it from a new/used point of view. I did talk to the guy today(the foreman) and offered $10K cash. He said the owner probably wouldn't bite but we will see. I am going to play the wait game and not look to anxious. His next step is to trade it in on a roll-off dumpster truck. I told him he will be lucky to get 8-9 for it trading.
    As far as the motor goes, I know it isn't a cummins, so it must be the NH. It is very clean, minor valve cover gasket leak. They have owned it for 4 yrs and put about 10K a year on it. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks for the help so far.
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    The F Series Ford medium duties were really not the best. If the truck was a LN L-8000 then it would be worth some money the Louis are a better designed truck.

    As for the 5+2 gearing its not the best you really have to be carefull you can blow up the 2spd selector fairly easy. The old 2spd axles are a thing of the past a Fuller 10spd is better the old 2spds were for the underpowered gas pots on juice brakes. You really don't want a straight 5 or 6 spd either they have to big of steps so your engine is up and down in rpms like a yoyo. When your pulling a hill you don't want big jumps you want something that will keep the engine in its peak not screaming it. You can get good at shifting the 2spd but its not as nice as a Road Ranger.

    If the truck has 5.9 Cummins or 6.6 power I wouldn't consider the truck a 33,000lb truck is over taxing the engine you will be climbing every hill in low range 2nd gear. If the truck is 7.8 or 8.3 Cummins powered you should have decent power the 7.8 Ford isn't too bad I would slightly rather have the 8.3 Cummins.

    Personally I would look For a Louisville if you can find a truck with L-10 Cummins power and 8LL transmission and 35,000lb gvw you would have one h*ll of a single axle. You can have a engine that you can put a true JAKE brake on and not a potato stuffed up the exhaust pipe (exhaust brake). The truck would be good for up to 10 ton probably not quite legal but it would handle it.

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