1988 iveco I found for sale

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by casco73, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. casco73

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    I found a 1988 Iveco cab forward truck along my grass route it has a custom twelve foot bed with a back pack tool boxes and fold down sides? they want $1200. bucks for it and it has a three speed trans. with a diesel that runs pretty good. It needs inspection. Does this sound good I don"t know much about this type of truck or diesels but I've been looking for a while for a truck like this. What do you think/recomend?? Thanks:usflag:
  2. tnmtn

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    i can't say much about the truck exept i would call a dealer to get an idea on parts availability and price. maybe find out how much a starter or injectors are and how long to get them. go from there.
    good luck,
  3. casco73

    casco73 LawnSite Member
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    ok thanks for the advice
  4. mag360

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    I've heard they are great trucks but parts availability is virtually nonexistent.
  5. casco73

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    Yeah I think I'll wait and find something newer and more reliable. Thanks for your info.

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