1989 Chevy Cheyenne Clutch Problem?? Help

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Shawns Lawns, Feb 17, 2007.

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    :confused: :confused: Ok any insight would be helpful. I will give you as much information as i can. The truck is a 5 Sp standard and i was using it the other day to transport the snowblower to do some cleanups. All was fine and dandy till i got back in it and i was not able to push the clutch in. I felt that the more i did i would break something. I was not initially able to push it in enough to even start the truck. I checked the clutch fluid level and it was full. The truck has 99,000 miles on it. I eventually was able to push the clutch in by just pumping the pedal but it was not as smooth as it was 30 minutes before. I could feel resistance and pulsating in the pedal as i tried to push the pedal in. I was finally able to push the clutch pedal in enough to start the truck and then drove home. It was rough shifting but but i made it. I asked my neighbor and he says i need a new clutch and i asked someone i work with and he said that since it was really cold and if i drove through alot of snow the clutch could be frozen. Not sure what to do :waving:

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