1989 Chevy Silverado 1500 w/ EZ-Dumper insert?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Howie's Lawn Care, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Howie's Lawn Care

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    Hey guys,
    A guy I mow for is selling a 1989 Chevy Silverado 1500 with the following option for $2800.00, but I'm pretty sure his bottum dollar is $2500.00 because it kind of slipped out when I asked him what he is asking for it. It is in very good condition. It has only one small dent on top of the tailgate and a minor area of scratches on the bottom of the right door.

    5.7L V8
    126,690 MILES

    What do you guys think of this for $2500.00. I'm thinking I couild put a dump insert in it next year and keep my other truck for personal driving. I could leave they trailer parked at my garage (my grandma's spare garage) and drive my ranger back and forth. The garage I use is pretty old and crappy, but it has a nice strip of ground by the alley for me to back my trailer up to the garage. I think I could have this truck, my rider, and ez-dump paid for by next season and then just pay the payment on my ranger which is only $152.00. I would pay for 1989 Chevy in cash, so I would carry liability and business class on it.

    Please let me know what you all think. Thanks.

    -Nick Howard
  2. tthomass

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    honest? NO

    the weight of the insert alone would put you at weight...........solids weigh waht 750lbs? and aluminum about 400??? something like that

    you can get 70's and 80's 3500 dullies w/ rebuilt engines for $5000, maybe cheaper........check out www.autotrader.com

    or do a dump trailor........i've got a 2500 w/ 10,000 GW dump trailor.....can haul 3.5 tons in the back

    if you need a bigger truck for light duty, go for it and save for something bigger........my $.02
  3. J&R Landscaping

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    You won't be able o carry much as it is still a 1/2 ton truck. I would opnl;y put a dump insert into a 3/4 or 1 ton pick-up! It don't make sense putting it in anything smaller!! JMO
  4. Scag48

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    1/2 ton trucks are a joke as it is and dropping an EZ dumper in there would max out your payload. Maybe if you were hauling just grass or brush, but that's about all. Not worth the investment. I'd look for a 1 ton with a dump box, that'll give you something to actually haul something with. Even with a 1 ton truck and a dump box you can really only put about 2-3 yards of dirt in there anyway, but it's a start.
  5. Jpocket

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    Im a Gm fan across the board, but 89' wasn't a good year for those trucks, they were the first with all the electronic crap, they have plenty of bugs.

    Second a halfton with a dump insert as prevoiusly stated is a joke. The truck will be LOADED with you 3 guys and the dump insert...I mean the ONLY way I could see it is if it's a 4x4. with a 4x4 it's not as obvous that your overloaded, b/c you won't be dragging the bumper lol. Plus you can always put air shocks on to hide your weight.

    Overall I'd say no, if you keep growing you'll out grow that truck buy the fall
  6. tthomass

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    even if you get a 1500......you can get a smaller gross weight trailor to pull behind it for about the price of a insert......find a used one

    if you get some clients lined up........go ahead and get a $10,000 loan to get yourself some basics...........used truck and mower etc.....ramps for mower into the back of the truck.............payments on a $10k loan I took are only $271.67/month but I'll knock it out with more than that, just having the low payment gives me the option to spend $ on something else should I need to that particular month

    -if mowing is your goal or whatever else, $6000 for a truck $3000 for a dump trailor and $1000 for hand tools and small blower.......hope this helps
  7. Evergreenpros

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    You can get a Dump Pro insert that weighs 400 lbs. They're a plastic type of insert and cost about 2600 delivered. Probably the same material they make the plastic bed liners out of. It's lifted with a winch system and goes to I think 60+ degrees.

    If you're just mainly hauling grass, brush and mulch you don't need a tankish system to do it.
  8. Howie's Lawn Care

    Howie's Lawn Care LawnSite Senior Member
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    I don't know what you're saying about the equipment. I already have all commercial equipment excpt my 21" and a 6' X 12' trailer. Once I pay the mower off, I'll be out of debt and my equipment will still be ready for another 3 years atleast (compared to what others have got from theirs), but probably 5. I don't know how long I'll keep it all, but I think I'm in a good position as far as equipment for regular lawn maintenance.
  9. tthomass

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    i was say'n witht eh extra $ get whatever other equip you may need or want or to work on/change something you've got............just a thought but if you're set don't worry abotu it, cut your costs but think ahead

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