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    I have a family member that owns an 1989 F250 pickup with 77,000 miles on the original engine. For the past couple of years it has been sitting out in his field not running. He said the head gasket is leaking and probably needs to be replaced, the brakes are shot but it may just be the brake lines, it needs new ball joints and a battery.
    I have a friend who is a mechanic who offered to help me fix it up and said we could get parts from the junkyard. my dad doesnt want me to do this because he thinks i will end up putting too much money into it if other things start to break.
    This is a really nice truck in pretty good shape and i really want to fix it up but i dont want it to be a total waste of money. Does anybody have an idea of how much the above listed parts would be for just the parts because my friend and i will be putting them in ourselves?? and is there a good chance of having major problems because of the trucks age?

    And by the way my family member offered the truck to me for free and doesnt think it would be too hard to fix it up
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    I think I read this already.

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    i put it under the mechanic forum too because i wasnt sure where exactly to post it
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    Is the truck a 4x4 or 2wd and what is the gvw on the truck. If its a F-250 with the light gvw and 10.25 semi floating rear axle I wouldn't bother with it.

    If the truck is a F-250HD 4x4 put the money into it. What is the engine ?

    Do a compression test on it see if the engine is any good.

    New Battery 150 dollars
    Head Gaskets 100-150 dollars
    Ball Joints 250 dollars
    Brakes 250 dollars
    Oil filters 100 dollars

    You would be looking at atleast 1000 dollars in parts.

    Got a picture of the truck ?

    If its a 2wd I wouldn't bother and if its a light duty 3/4 ton its not worth it.

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    i dont have a picture but i can try to get one soon
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    Don't forget about all the things that you will need to replace that you are not thinking of just because the truck has been sitting in a field for so long, speaking from experience with ford rot boxes walk away before you get involved and go find a cheap truck that is already running.
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    He decided not to get it.
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    Doesn't sound like he knows too much. Im wondering if the head gasket actually is bad. Not too common for them to go on the 460 or 351.

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