1989 Suzuki 250 4x4 ATV Parts

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Smalltimer1, Mar 17, 2005.

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    I just parted out an '89 Suzuki 250 4x4 ATV and have tons of parts.

    Here's a list of them:

    Carburetor w/ throttle control and linkage (unknown condition so I'll call it rebuildable) $25
    Gas tank (cleaned in varsol) $20
    Air box $5 (needs minor cleaning)
    Air intake pipe/hose $5
    Handle bars (good speedo display, odometer still works) $5
    Rear mount tool box $5
    Engine/Transmission/Transfer Case/starter electric & recoil (one unit) $50
    Muffler (surface rust only, no holes) $10
    Rear mount hitch plate $5
    Tires & Wheels $20
    Voltage Regulator $5
    Electronic Control Module $2
    Brake/Clutch handles $2
    Gearshift lever $5
    Fuel Pump (great shape) $15
    Seat (needs recovering) $10
    Tailight (small crack in lens, wiring is intact) $2
    Front brake line w/splitter to left and right wheels $5
    Wiring Harness $5

    I do not know much about the history of this machine, from what I was told by the previous owner was that he was riding it back to his house and it just died, that has been 7 years ago. I am doing this for the NC State Chapter of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. We needed some parts from the 4 wheeler for our 1/4 scale pulling tractor, and what I have listed is what's left of it that we can't use.

    Engine oil has been drained to reduce weight. Buyer Responsible for shipping on engine/trans. assy., otherwise it is the price + shipping for the rest of the parts.

    No reasonable offer refused on the partial groups of parts or on the whole group of parts. Just need to get rid of all this as it is taking up room in the shop and the shop supervisor says it must go. Parts can be picked up at the Research Shop in Weaver Labs at North Carolina State University.
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    Do you still have the Suzuki 250 parts for sale? Thank you Georgeharry

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